[Draft]: [ORBA, Strategy 3] - Simulations(clickable demos) and Tidbits for All Safe Use Cases


We propose creating a series of simulations (clickable demos, e.g., Uniswap University Clickable Demos) and Tidbits (one-minute reads, e.g., Compound Education Tidbits) for all Safe use cases. We will cover three categories:

  1. Safe for DAOs
  2. Safe for Teams
  3. Safe for Individuals

Despite many people knowing about the Safe wallet, they often find it difficult to use due to its complex learning curve. Both Clickable Demos and Tidbits will help make the Safe wallet easier to understand and use, improving its adoption.

Funding request


Aligned strategy

[Strategy 3] Increase awareness of Safe Ecosystem

Relation to budget

9.6% of the total budget for Strategy 3

Metrics and KPIs

  1. Clickable demos for at least 12-18 use cases of Safe, with a quality of at least 8/10.
  2. Tidbits - At least 30, with a quality of at least 8/10.

Initiative description

Anyone involved in the Ethereum ecosystem for a few months is likely familiar with Safe’s name and the significant amount of funds managed through it. Thus, initial awareness is not a major challenge for Safe. However, due to its complexity for new users, the actual usage is much lower than it could be.

Safe is essential for DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and teams, and it’s also beneficial for individual users. Each team has their own way of using it, making it difficult to grasp all possible applications. We aim to simplify Safe for everyone to understand and use effectively.

To achieve this, we propose creating a series of simulations (clickable demos) and short informative pieces (tidbits) covering all Safe use cases. We will focus on three categories:

  1. Safe for DAOs
  2. Safe for Teams
  3. Safe for Individuals

Simulation (Clickable Demos)

Interacting with a Web3 app is not the same as using a traditional web app. Each action can incur transaction fees (gas) and has security implications, which deters many from exploring different uses of Safe.

Safe’s flexibility and customizability add to its complexity. Modules and apps increase this complexity further.

Simulations, or clickable demos, provide a risk-free environment to experiment with various use cases. Users can follow steps and learn how to utilize Safe for different purposes.

We have previously created clickable demos for Uniswap, Compound, Arbitrum, Optimism, and other projects.


We plan to create at least 4-6 clickable demos for each category, totalling approximately 12-18 demos.


Tidbits are short, one-minute reads designed to explain a concept or a use case quickly. This format was developed after nearly two years of educational efforts and about eight revisions of various formats. Tidbits allow us to cover the entire project in 15-20 minutes, a task that would normally take hours with traditional documentation.

Here are some examples:

We will create at least 10 tidbits for each category, resulting in around 30 tidbits in total.

Current status

Our core platform exists which is already being used for top projects. However the simulations and tidbits for Safe
will be created from scratch.


We don’t foresee any risks in this initiative.

Timeline and Milestones

We estimate this initiative will take 7-8 weeks to complete.

  • First 4 weeks: Research and study
  • Next 2 weeks: Creation of clickable demos(50%)
  • Next 2 weeks: Creation of tidbits(remaining 50%)

Initiative lead

Organization: DoDAO


DoDAO Team

DoDAO has been working on many tooling and educational initiatives in the blockchain space. We have been working with some of the top projects in the space and have been contributing to the ecosystem in various ways. We have been working on

Governance Tooling Initiatives

  • Onchain Governance Proposal Analyzer for Compound (Done)
  • Command Line Interface code generation POC for Compound’s Governance (Done)
  • Asset Analysis Dashboards(In Progress)
  • Uniswap’s V4 Technical Documentation (Done)

Educational Initiatives

DoDAO’s Products

  • Academy Site Builder
  • Tidbits Hub(Tidbits & Clickable-Demos/Simulations)

We take a team based approach and for this initiative we will be working with a team of 1 full-time researcher and 1 full-time developer for a period of 7-8 weeks.

Once approved, we can share the exact team members who will be working on this initiative.

Implementation dependencies



Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

---- Updates -----
Note: For any major updates to the UI, we will update the simulations for the next 12 months.

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Hi DoDAO, thanks for shaping up this proposal.

Can you share the statistics from the educational campaigns mentioned in your proposal? I’m also interested in whether you have some KPIs in mind already and how you imagine optimizing distribution.

Overall interested in this direction and can see overlap with FinOps3!

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Hi @LuukDAO

Thanks for the feedback. I really like the content quality of FinOps3. I agree there is some overlap, but the engagement methods are quite different. Given the complexity of using Safe for different use cases, I believe there is still room for more initiatives even after Simulation and Tidbits.

This thread contains the guide ratings we have for Compound. We have similar ratings for other platforms as well:

We will be launching marketing campaigns. I also liked your idea of conducting workshops. Similarly, we can record a few videos and publish them.

If the proposal gets approved, I would like to get the tidbits and simulations reviewd by you also, since you have a lot of knowledge of the ecosystem.

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I’m interested to understand what the onboarding funnel into these clickable demos would look like. How would a prospective safe user find their way to these demos?

I’d also love to better understand who the target audience is for these demos and tidbits.

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Hello @auryn, Thank you for taking a look at the proposal

Here are some of the actions we will take to promote the clickable demos and tidbits:

  1. Run a few marketing campaigns.
  2. Create a few videos.
  3. Write a couple of very detailed articles on Medium, pointing to simulations and tidbits.

We will ensure that the clickable demos and tidbits are of top quality so that they can also be included on the main docs/home site.

Regarding the audience:

  1. We will cover a couple of simulations and tidbit collections for new users.
  2. We will map the top 8-10 use cases of SAFE, which includes using different apps/modules, etc.

We spend a lot of time on the preliminary work to collect everything, and only then will we start creating simulations and tidbits.

For example, we are in the process of doing something similar for Alchemix. Here is the preliminary work we are currently doing before we write or create anything:

  1. Presentation - https://www.canva.com/design/DAGHSErjyag/3_egDTlUo_LMzWhqfFWGkA/edit
  2. Mapping of flows - Excalidraw+

50-70% of the effort is spent on doing all the preliminary work and analysis.

Sharing some notes & questions post call with Robin from DoDAO

  • Robin demoed the tidbits & guides, looks great, definitely neat.
  • We chatted about the funding request from an input costing perspective and from a value creation output perspective and @DoDAO - could you share any stats and numbers on engagement, possibly on your compound guides for example.

My takeaways is that I think its very cool, just want to understand how valuable it is better :slight_smile:


Thank you, @Denham , for your time and feedback on the proposal.

At Compound, we expect to attract between 200-400 users every day. This is just an extrapolation as we currently receive about 10-20 guide reviews daily(Submitting the guide is quite cumbersome, so we expect the views to be at least 20 times that number.)

Also, based on our last three years of learnings, we found Simulations and Tidbits to be the most effective ways to share information. Hence, we did not include guides or courses in this proposal.

One piece of context I would love to get before moving this proposal to vote is whether Safe plans to make any significant {Wallet} UI changes shortly, as it would be a pity for these demos to become outdated quickly.

I would personally prefer to see a smaller proposal to showcase the potential and usage (5-10k USDC) and if proven to be a clear value at scale up from there.

Thanks, @LuukDAO , for the feedback. I agree with the points you mentioned.

A few things I want to add are:

  1. For us, a lot of time is spent understanding the full ecosystem, mapping all the use cases, mapping the flows, etc., which account for 50-60% of the cost. After that, it is incremental costs to create each simulation and tidbit are relatively small.
  2. I agree with you that if the UI changes significantly, it will be a waste of funds.

I will add a support clause to the proposal that, for any significant changes in the UI, we will update the corresponding demos for the next 9-12 months.

Hello, unfortunately this proposal did not receive sufficient signaling from Guardians and Delegates to move onto Phase 2: Voting on Snapshot.

You may propose again at a later sprint (earliest is Season 3, Sprint 2 on July 8th).