[Draft] [OBRA] Education with Boring Security

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  1. Initiative title: Provide a concise and descriptive title for your initiative. Use the format [Discussion] [OBRA] Powering Free Security Education Boring Security - Feld for submission.

  2. Abstract: Provide a brief summary of your initiative

Boring Security DAO is looking for funding to be able to allocate resources to continue spreading bring awareness to Multisigs, and to continue to build Safe into all of our modules and materials where appropriate.

  1. Aligned strategy: Which pre-approved strategy is this initiative driving forward?
    [Strategy 3] Increase awareness of Safe Ecosystem
  1. Funding request: What resources are being requested from SafeDAO in USDC?
  • $9k
  1. If applicable, upfront funding: Indicate if upfront funding is needed. Refer to 'Payout’ under Get funding from SafeDAO for lump sum payment options.
  • No upfront funding required.
  1. Relation to budget: State the requested funding as a percentage of the total initiative budget (e.g. if you ask for 50k for Strategy 1: 25%)
  • 3.6%
  1. Metrics and KPIs: Which metrics and KPIs will the initiative be measured against?
  • Number of attendees for SAFE Multisig Show & Tell\
  • Content produced on multisigs\
  • Number of 102 Alumni
  1. Initiative description: What is the initiative about?
  • Boring Security is a public good that focuses on end-user education. We will incorporate Multisigs, specifically Safe, where applicable in its content. For example, we are in partnership with Ledger, and will produce a classroom which includes mention of Multisigs for projects. We also make mention of multisigs multiple times across our classrooms, and plan to release content regarding Safe, Multisigs, and smart contract wallets over the coming year, particularly with the advent of EIP-4337
  1. Current status: Does the offering (product/service) already exist or is the funding used to create it?
  • Currently taught about multisigs to over 700 students as part of the 102 class\
  • Dont have published content yet on the use of multisigs, but plan to have it across multiple channels in Q2 of this year.\
  • Currently have contract with Ledger to create classroom content, with a working title name of “Your Wallet as a Project / Creator - Multisigs and identity management”
  1. Risks: What risks does the initiative entail?
  • If ApeCoin goes to zero, we won’t be able to pay our contributors to keep the DAO running unless we get other funding, which would make fulfilling the full promise of this proposal difficult.
  1. Timeline and milestones: Provide a detailed timeline or roadmap, include key milestones
  • Content & Show n Tell done by end of Q2
  1. Initiative lead: Who is the accountable initiative lead? (individual or organization)
  • Feld & Boring Security DAO
  1. Team: How many individuals in total will be working on this initiative and what role do they have? Please provide a brief background of the team members, highlighting their relevant experience and expertise.

Anyone from the following list of 16. Our top contributors and their profiles are all outlined in this section below:


  1. Additional support/resources: Are there any resources (non-financial) requested from the Safe Ecosystem Foundation or the core contributors?

Yes. We would request folks from the Safe DAO, team, and otherwise to help us on this mission, ensuring the content we create is accurate, and bringing in subject matter experts for our Show and Tell events.

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Just noticed that the budget allocation is actually 3.6%, not 10%, since the submission is $9,000 out of a $250,000 budget for this strategy.

Ah yes, I was a bit confused at what that meant.

I am unable to edit it now, though. But if you could edit it to 3.6% I would appreciate it.

Done. Should be correct now