Deploy Safe Core Contracts to the PGN Network

  • Title: Deploy Safe Core Contracts to the PGN Network.
  • Authors: Baer.eth, @jengajojo
  • Created: 2023-10-31


This proposal signals the deployment of the Safe Contracts to the Public Goods Network in preparation for the Gitcoin Grants Round 19. This proposal will enable DAOs like BanklessDAO to participate in the Gitcoin Grants rounds without using an EOA.

Proposal details

Purpose and Background

Public Goods Network- an Optimistic rollup from Gitcoin - is hosting its Grants round on the PGN network to leverage low gas cost while leveraging the security of the Ethereum Mainnet. Currently, DAOs don’t have a method to participate in the round without using an EOA. Using EOA will provide centralisation risk and generate unwanted liability risks to the person holding the secret keys.

Deploying the Safe Core to the PGN network will enable Safe to provide Multisig fracture to a new and emerging chain.

Effects and Impact Analysis

With this deployment, Safe DAO can not only nurture its existing partnerships but also venture into new L2s. This expansion doesn’t necessitate a significant resource allocation, given that PGN is an Optimistic roll-up built using the OP stack. A prompt deployment of the contracts to the PGN will resonate with SafeDAO’s commitment to offering core infrastructure to the EVM ecosystem.

Alternative Solutions
  • Don’t deploy Safe
  • Deploy a safe contracts fork to the PGN network.

    • It’s worth noting that the success of the tools crafted by Safe is primarily attributed to the team behind it. Simply forking the solution won’t address the existing infrastructure gap in the PGN or cater to the needs of BanklessDAO in a value-aligned manner.
Technical Implementation

The PGN Rollup is built using OPstack; the deployment will be able to be carried out using trivial changes as Safe already has an Optimism chain deployment.

Open Questions

Deployment timeline: Since Safe DAO can’t permissionlessly deploy Safe contracts on the chain, the execution of this proposal should be negotiated with the Safe Foundation.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0 4.


Are you requesting simply Safe contract support? Or also Safe infrastructure and UI support? Let me clarify both cases anyway:

Anyone is free to deploy the Safe contracts deterministically. i.e. you can deploy the deterministic deployment factory to the same address as other L2’s. To add the contract support for a new network, follow the steps in GitHub - safe-global/safe-contracts: Safe allows secure management of blockchain assets. and create a PR in the Safe deployments repository (GitHub - safe-global/safe-deployments: A collection of Safe singleton deployments). If you’re an L2, ENSURE you use the L2 version of our contracts. Not the mainnet version. Lmk if PGN has any devs that can do this.

Infra + UI
Someone has to run this, and the Safe Foundation core team does not have internal infra capacity to rollout to additional new networks in Q4 aside from Sepolia migration from Goerli. We will evaluate additional chains again next year.
If these timelines dont work for you, you can alternatively run the infra+UI services yourselves or work with a partner like protofire to deploy and maintain a fork of the services (similar to Moonbeam, Harmony, Cronos, Fantom)
e.g. Protofire Deploys a Fork of Gnosis Safe Multisig into Moonriver to Enforce Security | by | ProtoFire Blog | Medium.


Safe multisig is undeniably one of the most crucial wallet types for the decision-making implementations of DAO’s like Bankless. PGN is a L2 chain built on OP Stack for public good funders, and their values are essential for the maintenance of public good funding. OP Stack is easy to deploy, and as mentioned, Safe is already deployed on the Optimism chain.

PGN has a detailed guide about how to deploy on PGN, so the process won’t take long or require much effort. I support this proposal as a Gitcoin funder, in order to facilitate the funding and make it available for everyone.


After talking with @0xBaer and @jengajojo, I’m moving this proposal to Ecosystem. Requests for deployment of Safe contracts on other chains is not under Scope of Governance of SafeDAO and therefore cannot mature into a valid SEP. See the governance framework. @John also mentioned how the core team is prioritizing right now deployments.

A future path to support these requests could be to incorporate them as strategy under the Resource Allocation Framework so that requests for deployments could be funded as initiatives. However, this would be to fund deployments by the ecosystem not from the core team.


A future path to support these requests could be to incorporate them as strategy under the Resource Allocation Framework so that requests for deployments could be funded as initiatives. However, this would be to fund deployments by the ecosystem not from the core team.

Ecosystem deployments should definitely be something that the ecosystem eventually funds, once it has funding! Good this is being brought up.


Hello :wave:… This is our first post here. We advocate for the growth of Public Goods and have been long time participants of the Gitcoin ecosystem since 2021. As well as active participants in the Optimism/Base network growth process.

As a grantee or a grant round operator it would be amazing to be able to have the ability to utilize PGN with SAFE as well for all of the participants coming up in GG 19… Although we are aware that it is a short time frame for development it would be very helpful.

We also are aware of a few other rounds that will be running on the network as well as having our own grant round planned on public goods network in early 2024. This is something we would definitely utilize with all of the participants of our grant program that is launching. Happy to see funding mechanisms like this growing and expanding the use of safe!


Specifically requesting Safe infrastructure and UI support. Ideally, users should be able to select “PGN” as a network option from the Safe UI.


Adding my +1 for the request for Safe UI support for Public Goods Network on behalf of Glo Dollar.

PGN is a fast growing initiative within the public goods space, strongly supported/pushed by Gitcoin but its lack of a Safe UI is an unfortunate downside atm. Would be terrific if support can be added to the official Safe platform!

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Also +1 on this getting implemented on PGN.

Having Safes on PGN is a prerequisite for many protocols, DAOs and communities to be able to enter the chain and operate in line with other chains & deployments.

Appreciate the time and effort this takes and would love to see other public good protocols (Endaoment, Glo, etc…) to be able to deploy on PGN

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Safe is currently the most requested addition to PGN and will unlock additional development and dApps deploying to PGN. Accessible and secure multisig support is a critical element in the public goods ecosystem for organizations participating in grants and other funding mechanisms, and the Safe UI is the benchmark for multisig management. PGN is eager to support this process however possible, and appreciates the ecosystem words of support.

Just want to share here in the Forum that Optimism currently has an open Foundation Mission to deploy “Safe Contracts and backend services for all mainnet and testnet OP Chains in the Superchain”. Baseline grant amount is 150K OP (+ infra costs) and there are 0 applications so far: Superchain Safe · Issue #116 · ethereum-optimism/ecosystem-contributions · GitHub

Anyone can apply for the Foundation Mission, but the deadline is a bit short (19:00 GMT today). If no applications are received today, the deadline will most likely be extended.


Hello !

Has there been any progress to this integration for the public goods network to have safe as an option for deploying a vault?
We are planning a grants round on the PGN network with Gitcoin Grants Stack and there is also a current effort to onboard new users to the network taking place.

Please let us know if it is possible to use safe as an option for our treasury.
Thanks so much for everything that you do have a great day!

It’s my understanding that PGN is shutting down which means we can close this discussion.

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