Delegate Thread - Curia Lab

Proposals: [SEP 27] Governance Amendments Season 2, Sprint 4

Vote: Accept

Rationale: We supported this governance amendment proposal because it introduces necessary flexibility to SafeDAO’s governance processes. It allows for timely amendments throughout the season, ensuring that the DAO can adapt and respond to emerging needs without being constrained to a rigid cycle.

Proposals: [SEP 28] OBRA Budget Amendments Season 2, Sprint 4

Vote: Option 2

Rationale: We are voting in support for Option 2 because it provides a balanced and equitable approach to budget redistribution. We believe that this option ensures that popular strategies with lower budgets receive the necessary funds, while maintaining a fair distribution across all strategies. By opting for a more even allocation, we can support a wider range of initiatives and foster a more inclusive environment within SafeDAO.