Community Challenge: Identify Airdrop Farmers

Unfortunately, they removed us easily. Like dictatorial governments

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There is a list posted on September 2 and my smart address is eligible for airdrop but in the latest list posted my address is not eligible anymore. Why? I downloaded staker app and created my smart wallet address if i am not mistaken year 2020. How could you tell that i am taking advantage (farming) for airdrop. This is my smart address.

Hi, my safe being penalised for not spending enough ETH transaction fees. Guess for us to use this safe the priority is to safe guard us that has multiple wallet. Do we in current environment still wanna spent more gas to do our each transaction? No one wanna spent more on transaction fees… does anyone here willing to pay more if given a choice to pay less. I think this criteria is not appropriate to cut off the farmer. It is very unfair to me as i came to know about safe and trusted the mechanism of protecting those have multi wallet. So happen this airdrop happen and now i am penalised because being suspected as farmer by not spending enough ETH. Seriously this portion need to be look into. Appreaciate someone from the team could take up this and revisit. I have submit a chat via intercom, but the customer service side unable to address anything and refer me here to voice up my concern.

My address is not a airdrop farmer address,but I can not find it in the CSV ,please check it thanks!

My safe is: 0xf9838151c776eD9995e85c03E13a474fb7B2cf62
I don’t know why I don’t have my airdrop, I only have such a number

my address was eligible before the community challenge and I had just one safe deployed. But now I’m not eligible, I couldn’t find my safe address in the CSV file. I’m not a farmer. My safe address - 0x4146BE5A01EFe81c98Dc30AFCf89017A2a0e5ae0

Here’s my address. I want to know why I got kicked out. I got my token by doing rabbit hole quests, but now I’m kicked out


My address is not a airdrop farmer address,but I can not find it in the CSV ,please check it thanks!

i am a newbie to this multisig concept i mistakenly created safe with only one owner. after i realised my mistake i created another safe with 3 owners and did transactions in only new safe. i got 224 tokens but now i am disqualified. i am not sybil please give me tokens sir. if i wanted to farm i could have done transactions in both accounts. but i did transactions only in new account. please consider it sir. my safe address … 0x1e99948516C8ADE063f62A5A9fe295D4021F1e72

please don’t spam in different proposals ser.

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Please exclude my 10 multisig wallet addresses from reporting this case witch address. Between the multi-signature guardians, these 10 multi-signature addresses are legally created by me, so I need 8 addresses to supervise together. Signature
One of them is from the DAO Xinshui spending multi-signature wallet
The other is the flow payment asset conversion multi-signature wallet
2 is a multi-signature wallet
i shouldn’t be a witch please team remove h’m’d

sir many people have same problem. they removed sybil but also removed genuine users. they should look into this matter. very disappointed sir

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they should update new list. they removed their genuine users because users deployed new wallet (which is their inbuilt feature) lol

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