189,887 $SAFE going to AIRDROP FARMERS (Sybil Hunt Exercise About to go not fully utilised)

After so much efforts was put into finding cheaters’ addresses in the newly worked Airdrop list which was released few days ago to ensure that the Sybil Hunt Program that was announced few days ago succeed in getting best results.
Check here for the announcement Community Challenge: Identify Airdrop Farmers - #18 by skyone.nanshan

Roughly 4 days without good rest was sacrificed on the exercise to ensure I contribute my qouta to the development and of course to secure my 25% reward and here is what the outcome was:

  • I found over 2,000 addresses within the 4 days with sleepless night

  • Over 1,000 of the above identified 2,000 Sybil addresses has already been reported by fellow Sybil Hunter

  • Over 400 of the addresses were certified “Legit User” though the team admitted those addresses are SUSPICIOUS

Right now, there are 596 addresses left in the list but it was sad to see that only 73 addresses* were disqualified while other 523 addresses which have highest degree of probability of belonging to airdrop farmers were ignored with an excuse that the section of my report that captured those addresses came in late despite being in the same report.
Here is the list of the Unchecked addresses

I agreed to the fact that the section that covers those addresses came in late but the following needs to be taken into consideration:

  • I could have edited the Section that was attended to and add the other Sections but I wouldn’t like to do that to avoid being tagged as Copy Cat as most edited reports were found to be copied from others report.

  • At the end of the Section of my report which contains addresses that were all attended to, I stated that I will submit this report now to meet up with the deadline and continue my report in the comment section as there was only 5 minutes to the submission time.
    (I thought the submission time in the announcement was in UTC not knowing on time that it was in CEST)

  • The works in the Section that was not treated was done at the same time with the Section that was treated and that is evident in the report as the Section that wasn’t attended to was less than 1 hour late to the Section that was treated

  • The aim of the exercise i.e Nail all Sybillers will go not fully utilised if the identified were not nailed and excluded from real user’s list

  • 25% reward is an important thing to consider but another thing is making $SAFE token go to the well deserved hands i.e Real users not Sybillers and of course,

  • Hunters’ morale that participated in the program should be keep warming, rendering my 4 days of hard work useless will definitely be the most painful part. I was knocked out by Malaria during the hunting exercise

Here is the direct link to the response of @tschubotz saying the report that contains 523 Sybil addresses will not be attend to

Dear Safe Team, Kindly reconsider your judgement on my Ticket #504 and treat the other Sections

Here below is the full report

Do you support this report get reopened and treated :question:

  • YES - Reopen it
  • NO - Don’t Open it

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Cc: @lukas

I do understand your frustration but:

  • The deadline is clearly stated as CEST in the initial post
  • As far as I can see the Safes submitted after the deadline would anyways not qualify as they are legit early users (created as far back as 2019/2020 so definitely no systematic airdrop farming)

I think the deadlines in the rules should be adhered to and reports that after the deadline should not be reviewed.
Because once this report is reviewed, then if a new report comes in later (which is very likely, since anyone can submit a report) should the team also review it? Then the community challenge will never end.
That’s how important the rules are.


He said NO! Sheesh drop it already.

Thanks for spending some time attending and responding to my issue @lukas
I really appreciate :pray:

I can see larger percentage of the community on this forum voted rejecting further checks, I believe your decision is in the interest of the mass and decision that goes in support of the community is what I love too.

Thank you @lukas , Thank you @tschubotz and the entire SAFE TEAM for making this a success program.
You have indeed set a new standard in this space (Community hunting down Farmers)

Now…WEN :eyes:

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Dear safe project team, many reports of witches get rewards ranging from thousands to tens of thousands. Please lock up the rewards they get to prevent them from smashing the market. Many big project players in the past have dropped their sales by 50%.

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i am a newbie to this multisig concept i mistakenly created safe with only one owner. after i realised my mistake i created another safe with 3 owners and did transactions in only new safe. i got 224 tokens but now i am disqualified. i am not sybil please give me tokens sir. if i wanted to farm i could have done transactions in both accounts. but i did transactions only in new account. please consider it sir. my safe address 0x1e99948516C8ADE063f62A5A9fe295D4021F1e72