Community Challenge: Identify Airdrop Farmers

In light of the upcoming SafeDAO launch, we have recently reworked the SAFE distribution for users. In order to include a broad part of the community, we have lowered some of the initial distribution criteria.

This potentially gives way to airdrop hunters since it was clear that there will be a SAFE token eventually after GIP-29 of GnosisDAO has been posted and eventually passed the governance process. There actually have been reports on Twitter, Discord and the Safe forum about potential airdrop hunters bragging.

We would like to include the community in identifying Safes that have been created and used solely for the purpose of farming SAFE.

How to contribute:

To report a group of Safes, create an issue on the allocation reports repo by using the provided issue template.

  • Reports will be reviewed on a first-come, first serve basis.
  • Reports must contain at least 10 Safe addresses still in safe_user_allocations_reworked.csv at the time of review.
  • The methodology and reasoning why the Safes are airdrop farming must be well explained and easy to understand.
  • Methodology that has a non-negligible chance of eliminating legitimate users will not be considered. When in doubt, we opt for “this is legit usage”.
  • Successful submissions receive 25% of the “saved” SAFE when providing a valid mainnet Safe address. Remaining 75% is redistributed to the rest of the eligible Safes.
  • Reports have to be submitted to Github before September 19, 2022 00:00:00 CEST.
  • Report acceptance / rejection is at the sole discretion of the Safe team.

Where we can get more info about SafeDAO in general and on its launch?
I cannot find anything in the Discord server, or do we have a specific one for SafeDAO?
thanks so much

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SafeDAO will be launched same day as $SAFE token launch.

I guess we have to wait until the ongoing Sybil Hunt ends and the token gets distributed


I do apologies for the basic question, I tried to search for Sybil Hunt here and in Discord before asking, but I cannot find any reference. Can I ask you what is Sybil Hunt? thanks

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It’s a newly launched task to filter Airdrop farmers among the potential 55,719 qualified addresses.

The aim is to ensure that the real users are the main benefactor of the airdrop.

The above write up talk more about the Airdrop farmer Hunt.


Thanks so much, all clear now :wink:
I recently created a couple of articles about how to stake using Safe, just in case you want to have a look, here.

I love the product, and in our community we do our best to educate more and more people about the benefits of using Safe also for individual use, that is probably a use case most people still ignore.

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hi, i am wonder if the 25% gained will be locked?

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Yes, 50% will be locked while other 50% get released immediately (I assume)

It should follow the original distribution pattern of 50/50

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How to join airdrop where’s link

Even tho i didn’t got the airdrop because i used it on layer 2. I think the new proposal is fair enough.
But not considering users from L2 is non sense for me knowing that ethereum L1 are only for people who have money to spend on gas fees. Which make the system a bit unfair and will make farmer overtake the user count.


The only way to join was if you made a safe wallet back in August.


Many people report randomly in order to get rewards. Those with less than 10 addresses are added randomly, and those with one or two addresses are also reported.

Where can I submit it

Your first distribution proposal it look matured and it make sense, now that you include farmers it will be hard for you make it successful!!!

About how to judge a person as copycat

  • In his issue, a large number of addresses (accounting for one-fifth of his total) were added during a certain revision, and all these addresses have already appeared.
  • Two people have almost the same reason,
  • the difficult is to check the git history, it is so big job.

also we need to consider about these situations

  • If a person (Alice) submits 100 addresses, a n d it is judged as invalud/need more info. . Then bob copy 10 addresser from alice and check further, it is judged valid, did bob belong to copycat?
  • If a person (Alice) submits 20 addresses, and then bob also submits 15 addresses, they use the almost same reason, how to juedge this

Hope we could have a discussion

Many people who report witches get rewards ranging from thousands to tens of thousands. It is recommended to lock up these positions to prevent them from selling in large quantities, causing the price of the currency to plummet.

Can we apply for individual recondiseration.

I was part of initial sellection and have been deselected. I have been planning on dedicating machine and running long term node with stakes while getting more involved. Its been hard keeping on top of what is actually going on but it feel a bit rough just being cut off like this.

I’ve been trying to find ways to get more involved with project and felt this was perfect. One example of dedication to project is paraswap which Ive kept staked at a 98% lose. Selling off is not my intention.


To be completely honest, your message and everything sounds relatively reasonable but then I look at the 3 accounts that have liked your post:

… and then I realize again that just as you like your post here yourself with multiple accounts, you probably also conduct sybil attacks on a large scale. So sorry, but no, I don’t think we should look into this. But feel free to comment on the particular GitHub issue that reported your addresses.



Those three ceated today were not even intended to be part of the converstation. I’ve just been coming back everytime I hear something new of the space. The three creastions were just me experimenting before I’d even noticed there had been changes.

Over the last couple of years I’ve attempted but been unable to create or activate for whatever the reason be and today i discovered the functional interface. None of which had been working prior.

Ive been offering whatever assistance i can to a few projects and been trying to get more involved in anny project that fits. One example is building nodes on docker to run a vpn type service on akash and instead of combing through spreadsheet I was testing out sorftware to run a dedicated machine from.
I understand the issues with campers but I would appreciate another reconsideration. I’ve been waiting for a long time due to extreme gas fees and catastrophic crashes if I remember correctly as my first attempt was mid 2020


If your addresses were disqualified for farming because you are alledged to owned many for farming purpose and in your efforts in defending the judgement meted out on you, you created 4 account, 1 main & 3 back ups to upvote you post(s)

The reason the team should stress themselves looking into your issue should be a priority for you at the moment. I hope you will put up a very good defense as I will like to follow up on your issue on GitHub