Advice Needed to Put Safe Multisig Into Practice for Our DAO

Hello Everyone :hugs:,

We are in the midst of moving to a more trustworthy and decentralised method of administering our treasury as members of a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO).

We’ve done a lot of study and determined that a multisignature vault is the best option. SAFE (previously Gnosis Safe) appears to be the ideal solution for our requirements.

We would be very grateful for any advice from the knowledgeable people in this community regarding certain inquiries we have:

First Setup and Best Techniques: How should a SAFE multisig account be set up? What are the essential procedures and best practices? :thinking:

Are there any specific traps that we should watch out for when setting everything up? :thinking:

Optimal Signer Configuration: With 15 members in our DAO, we are attempting to figure out the ideal amount of signers and confirmation requirements for each transaction.

Which setup would you suggest to strike a balance between efficiency and security? :thinking:

Controlling Roles and Access: In your organisations, how are signer roles updated and managed? Exist any useful techniques or resources to make this procedure go more quickly? :thinking:

Integration with Other technologies: We make use of a number of DeFi platforms and technologies. What is the degree of SAFE’s integration with other well-known DeFi programmes, and have been there any particular plugins or integrations that you would suggest? :thinking:

Case Research and Examples: Could you please direct us to any actual cases or instances from other DAOs or organisations that have effectively used SAFE? :thinking: Acquiring knowledge from other people would be immensely beneficial.

I also checked this :point_right:

Thank you :pray: in advance for your help and support.


If you are 15 members and might increase in size in the future it’s definitely a good idea to consider using a DAO framework that controls a Safe instead of using a Safe directly. There are several options for this. Daohaus ( is one of them. Another one is DecentDAO ( This will also allow you to create actual proposals etc that can then be executed once passed.


I just wrote a proposal on how it could be used on the voter side.

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