Add support for Sepolia

Is there a plan to add Sepolia to the canonical UI?
Especially now that we have a deprecation timeline for Goerli.



Hey @tuler, this is currently being worked on and we hope to have an update on timing soon. Stay tuned!


Awesome @Jorge-Safe , can’t wait for this. I have some interesting guard/module ideas that’s impossible to fully test right now with Goerli only as the testnet tx service/UI

imo Sepolia is a key unblock for wider takeup.

Any idea yet on the timeline?

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Hi @Jorge-Safe - Lots of integration testing like Snapshots Labs for instance will require starting on a testnet like Sepolia. Do you have any update here on timing?

It would be awesome if you guys support Sepolia. Thank you

Plus One on this please.

Sepolia is live in Safe Wallet :slight_smile:


Is there any timeline for base-seppolia?

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