How do I buy SAFE?

I missed Safe’s airdrop snapshot, but I’ve been using Safe to manage my assets since then.
I’d like to buy and hold&join DAO with some SAFE, but I can’t see enough liquidity from Uniswap and there’s a dearth of information about SAFE Token. Is this an intentionally created situation? Or is there some other reason? Is there anyone who can help me with these questions. Thanks.

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I don’t think the token did launch yet there’s no info on CMC

SAFE tokens are not yet transferable/tradable. You can keep up to date on the latest on the SafeDAO in the forums here once SafeDAO votes to make SAFE tokens transferable/tradable.

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SAFE token are not tradable now and it need to be voted by SafeDAO. Currently the only way to purchase is OTC, which is transferred by buying and selling multi-signature owners. By the way, the current OTC is $2.


hey was wondering how you know this?

Im interested.

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Hello Adam, can you please explain “Redistributing Unredeemed Tokens From User Airdrop Allocation” that pops off on my screen, is there any chance for new users to be part of this allocation?

Any type of user including new users can be a part of the allocation. The allocation is open for anyone in the ecosystem to submit a SafeDAO proposal that outlines a distribution of tokens in detail. I don’t think there have been any proposals submitted for this yet. I’ve been more focused on the Safe grants program lately so I would recommend to double check the forum topics here to see the latest updates.


Here is the SEP that decided that half of the unredeemed user aidrop is allocated to those that have redeemed the user airdop. The allocation of the other half is up to discussion and needs a separate SEP: [SEP #5] Redistributing Unredeemed Tokens From User Airdrop Allocation


Okay, I’ll follow the forum thank you for your answer

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Looks like some people are wondering how I came to follow SafeToken.
Well, I was following Safe early on when it was still called GnosisSafe and hadn’t yet released an airdrop, but didn’t have much of a need for it’s features, so I didn’t use it.
I think the field and Safe’s products are awesome, so I’m hoping to get more deeply involved.

The wild west of WEB3 is not friendly to ordinary users, who need more reasonable and safer asset management solutions, interaction logic and product design.
It’s like we’re using DOS with non-graphical pages right now, but as the industry grows, Windows and MAC are coming.

:star_struck: Thanks, that seems like a good path to take. But Token dispersion can be used to expand the user base and capture a larger market, Safe seems to be deliberately abandoning this utility at the moment, will keep an eye on it.

Sorry, I’ve just seen some SafeDAO rules and if it’s not reasonable to discuss Token here, please help me to remove it. Thanks!

Now we battle for safe team about transfer safe token , its not full DAO i cant check forum every day if this trash , dao need freedom token , not lock !

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