Why are guardians selling their safe accounts!?

Why are guardians selling their safe accounts!?

Are there any selling restrictions for Guardians?

According to this link,

They are talking about selling this account
0xE306bbd2fD51A435E21449223FB398376c0a37A4 !


Obviously this is a Guardian account!!!

The date of the transaction can also be matched, and the entire account may even have been traded many times!

Why can they do this and why there are no restrictions for guardians?


This is indeed an account that originally belonged to an Guardian, namely @daveytea. But he no longer has access to it which he outlined in this post: [Discussion] Compromised Safe has allocated airdrop, how to solve?

The SAFE token is non-transferable for now, but changing the owners of a Safe is of course possible and makes such OTC deals quite straightforward. However, I recommend in this case to refrain from participating due to the Safe having been compromised.


Indeed that Safe was compromised so unfortunately I don’t have access to that account or SAFE tokens. It has been sold multiple times AFAIK in the seedy ‘underground’.

I would be happy for a governance proposal be made to freeze/blacklist those tokens, rendering that Safe useless and valueless.

This should also be taken into consideration for any potential buyers of the Safe: it is compromised, the rightful owner (me) has lost access to it, so there is the risk that the tokens would be rendered useless in a future gov proposal.


as owner is here @daveytea

What u mean “makes such OTC deals quite straightforward”.

Any team member here?
@Andre @lorny @lukas

Did you choose the Guardians just to let them “makes such OTC deals quite straightforward”?


If English is not your first language, I suggest you get an interpreter because you’re obviously misinterpreting his statements.

He said;

but changing the owners of a Safe is of course possible and makes such OTC deals quite straightforward.

I think ppl in this forum can understand what we care about and no ELI5 explanation is needed.

Please don’t repeat useless things.

change owner is a normal function which everyone can use! Same goes for

What we care about is “guardian made such deals(sell account)”

According to safe’s official description, guardians are crucial to the safety of the safe ecosystem, and to some extent determine the success of safe token decentralization.

But should Guardian sell its own accounts through this method!?

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No problem if you decided to be blind to people’s explanations.

Your enquiries has been answered;
the safe was compromised and the hacker is now in control

You may close this thread as there are other helpful threads worth following up.


If safeDAO or gnosisDAO’s safe wallet is compromised, are you prepared to continue other important threads?

Maybe you mean?

It doesn’t matter if the guardian’s wallet is compromised.
It doesn’t matter if the guardian’s right is abused.

If the official team and the community think so, then I should really delete this thread and quit.

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Hi @deandre_talon, thanks for sharing the screenshots.

In this case, it is someone OTC selling a stolen SAFE allocation, not a Guardian selling their share, as @daveytea provided sufficient proof months ago.

I’ll look into what the options for freezing/blacklisting are today. If there is a straightforward process that would take limited resources, I believe we should push this to a draft proposal today.


Can’t agree more, thx for your attention.
This is also the request of the original guardian @daveytea.


First of all, this discussion developed from raising concerns around Safe Guardians selling OTC to the completely different question if tokens affected by an exploit can be somehow recovered or blacklisted.

To the last point neither the DAO nor the Foundation can blacklist any token. The Safe token doesn’t have a blacklisting functionality such as USDT/USDC. As mentioned in the previous thread by @daveytea the only recourse is to work with law enforcement and to potentially mark them on Etherscan or trhoughChainalysis. For this, the victim however would need to start this process.


Thanks for looking into the options. I propose we take this on with onchain and traditional enforcers to limit the stolen tokens’ impact on the Safe ecosystem.


this is my account !

I am the victim and has caused dollars used without permission… fake signatures… etc I have asked for assistance via application several times and no help! I either was dealing with the main root of the scammer as it showed at one point my assets were compromised in 2019 via this platform… so I came in to get my assets since 2016 of prone assets has led to this … then in 2022 is what I never exepected … followed the steps to recover my vaults held with exchanges where I had BTC vaults fiat vaults with them among other prime legacy coins.

That person took USD A MILLION using my USD Stablecoins account via Coinbase held since 2017… switched to safe tokens … never used them as I never needed to I just needed my accounts back… fast forward found they did use the USD AND ETHER I put in on wallet to transacts …to date I have been scared to use anything linked to this safe gnosis safe since… I have reported since 2022 and since I am not active in this defi community forced me to do my own while the authorities investigate…

Anyone that knows of anything and I can show the proof of when it happened… screenshot and everything… this address being shared are worth money … and being put out in public… O am ether dealing with the wrong support or something ain’t adding up…

Every time I call for allowance it goes to someone else … was told the contracts are comprised… I mean since 2022 no one would stop this? Using my addresses as contracts and false information and signatures fraudulent…and someone still have and giving access to my vaults…

I saw this on the Safe token contract,


Wonder if its applicable in cases like this @daveytea

ie a proposal to send these tokens back to @daveytea or send them to the zero address and burn them.

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cc: @rimeissner I see you’re the author of that TokenRescuer.sol code

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This code is designed to “retrieve” tokens that were mistakenly sent to a token address.