When Safe frontend on Scroll Layer2?

Hi, I’m 0xAA and a safe guardian.

Recently, I wanted to deploy a safe multisig wallet on Scroll layer 2, but I can not find it supported by safe.global website.

I was aware that the safe contracts are already deployed on Scroll network, with the contract address GnosisSafeProxyFactory | Address 0xa6B71E26C5e0845f74c812102Ca7114b6a896AB2 | Scrollscan

What keeps the safe.global website away from supporting Safe on Scroll? And when will it be supported?

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It seems, the Safe team is not prioritising chain expansion at the moment. We are a RaaS provider that deployed the first Polygon CDK rollups (about 4bil USD aggregated TVLs on chains), and work with web2 clients that seem to ne interested in Safe’s account abstraction and overall wallet integration for their custom Rollups. But cannot seem to get forward with the BD side either. As a safe user and builder in the space, I would like to see more interest on Safe’s expansion for this incoming tide of L2’s; something that could represent a large opportunity for Safe in gaining further expansion.