Use ENS with IPFS

First off, thank you for a good product.

Is using ENS with IPFS for the front end on the road map? Is it bounty worthy?

I’m concerned that it is hard to validate the front end of DAPPs in general. Given its widespread use, Gnosis Safe is the most important DAPP.

A partial example is that the old unsupported deprecated Gnosis Multisignature Wallet is available at ipfs://bafybeih5ygj2c5iwcusasd7lr3oqv5kxbblhtivkd7vk3h4wps45kxdofy .
Source : GitHub - gnosis/MultiSigWallet: Allows multiple parties to agree on transactions before execution.


Yes, I think that would be a great use-case for our safe.eth domain. Once the SafeDAO is initialised, we could even hand over the admin rights for the ENS domain to the DAO and have a fully trustless UI.