How to create a safe on Arbitrum by retaining same Ethereum safe address and owners

Hello everyone, I have a basic question. We use couple of SAFE wallets on Ethereum and we need now one on Arbitrum. I do not understand if I can use the same wallet address for our Arbitrum multisig and retain the same owners. I’m trying to understand in the web app how to do it, but seems I didn’t find the way.
Is this possible? Thanks All


Safe accounts across protocols will have different addresses. There is probably a workaround to create the same address for certain protocols. However, it might be good to establish an internal team doc to keep track of the team’s addresses across protocols in the short-term.

In the long-term there will be a better system for linking multiple protocol accounts to a single identifier, such as an ENS domain. The Safe Ecosystem Foundation (SEF) outlines thoughts on this in Account Abstraction in a Multichain Landscape - Part 1: Addresses.


Yes, It is possible.
You need to use the same wallet to send tx, initiate the same transaction(with same batch of owners).

preferebce: Deploy the same Gnosis Safe Address in Multiple Networks - DEV Community


Wow this is really cool, thanks so much for sharing this workaround. I’m going to try it soon. I was searching for something similar but didn’t find anything useful.

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Not sure about this claim.

Too busy to “don’t trust verify”

I think that any wallet can replay the transaction.

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The same wallet address, my safes are not the same owner in different lyear2 network environments. It looks like I have a lot of safes.

Did you try it? Did it work?
I have a Safe on Eth Mainnet and need to create a Safe on the same address on Arbitrum. Looking for some re-assurance that the guide posted by @skyone.nanshan works for my case. The guide uses Polygon and Avax, so I’m unsure

Funny you posted this just now as I have been developing something in my spare time that will allow users to deploy a Gnosis Safe to multiple chains simultanously that will maintain all of the same properties (address, owners, etc…)

I have the core functionality working perfectly. Now I need to clean up the code, create a nice GUI, and also implement so nice to haves like automatically bridging sufficient gas to each chain to allow 1-click deployment which would be a great user experience.

I can make a quick video tutorial later today on how to do this manually for now if that’d be helpful.

Feel free to hit me up on TG @huntingtonanalytics. or Twitter @c0nt3mp7 I don’t have lens unfortunately but if anyone has an invite I can use please help a broke dev out :wink:


Did anyone confirm if there is actually a way to bridge a safe to another network and maintaining the same address?

Yes, I used this tutorial and I was able to deploy the same multi sig on Arbitrum:

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