The State of Safe DAO Governance

Thank you for updating the forum with the launch of The Sate of DAOs @w3citizenguide! These reports are great to quickly learn about some of the most important DAOs in crypto. It’s impressive you were able to go in-depth on this amount of DAOs. I’m sharing updates here so that they are organized in one place if @Andre has more to include.

please visit “History” on Governance Hub 1.

It seems that the “History” view no longer exists

Safe Ecosystem Proposals

SafeDAO passed SEP-9 and SEP-10 this week to launch an ongoing process to fund work on the Safe ecosystem with seasons (4 months long) allocating ≤$1.5mm.

SEP #7, currently still in Phase 2

SEP-7, the governance framework has passed.

Addressing Participation Concerns

SEP #3 Milestones before voting again on enabling transferability in the governance hub is a great link to show the process towards the SAFE token becoming transferable.

OBRA (Outcomes- Based Resource Allocation)

OBRA has passed with SEP-10 including 16 weeks in each season: SafeDAO Governance Hub > Governance overview > Seasons and sprints

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