Introducing the SafeDAO Governance Hub

Announcing the launch of the SafeDAO Governance Hub! The hub has been designed to provide easy and seamless access to essential resources dedicated to SafeDAO’s governance and operations.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Our Governance Process: Understand the structure that helps us maintain a fair and efficient decision making.

  • Organizational Chart: Get a clear overview of our structure and the connections between different entities and roles within our organization.

  • Proposal Tracker: Stay updated with the ongoing proposals and their progress.

  • Delegation Guide: Confused about delegation? Our easy-to-understand guide will help you navigate through the process effortlessly.

  • Safe Ecosystem Foundation: Discover the role of the Safe Ecosystem Foundation and how it fosters a safe and secure environment for SafeDAO.

The Governance Hub is designed to be a living document. This means that it will adapt and evolve over time. We invite all of you to explore it and provide your feedback!


Hello Andre,

Thank you for compiling this resource, it truly enhances the onboarding process! I have a suggestion that might further improve UX: how about introducing a dedicated page for SafeDAO Governance/Community Calls in the Governance Hub? I’ve observed that each call currently has its separate forum post. Streamlining these into a single page could offer a more cohesive access point to this information.


That’s a great idea. Just added a new section for :phone: Community calls.