SafeDAO x PWN Safe


Gm! My name is Vojta and I’m from the PWN project. We’ve recently developed an extension module for the Safe wallet called PWN Safe that allows the tokenization of asset transfer rights into an Asset Transfer Rights (ATR) token. This feature is to be released in the coming weeks on our Platform.

I’m writing this post to talk about the PWN Safe security program and to discuss a potential partnership with SafeDAO. Currently, PWN Safe contracts have been audited (no critical or high-severity vulnerabilities found) so we’re confident that PWN Safe is a secure set of smart contracts. However, we understand that security doesn’t end with an audit and we’d like to take things further with a bug bounty program.

Bug bounty program

We believe that having a bug bounty program is an effective way to incentivize security researchers and hackers to help us find and report any vulnerabilities or bugs that may exist in our protocol. As more money will flow through PWN Safe, we want to ensure that more security guarantees are put in place.


Since PWN Safe extends the Safe wallet maintained by SafeDAO, we believe that it would be beneficial to partner with SafeDAO to help fund the bug bounty program for PWN Safe. By partnering with SafeDAO, we can leverage their expertise in security and their network of security researchers to further enhance the security of PWN Safe. We propose that SafeDAO contributes to the funding of the bug bounty program for PWN Safe, in exchange for recognition as a partner and any other mutually beneficial terms that we can discuss. We believe that this partnership would be a win-win for both projects, as it would enhance the security of PWN Safe and further solidify the position of SafeDAO as a leader in the smart contract wallet space.


In conclusion, we are committed to ensuring the security and reliability of our protocol, and we believe that establishing a bug bounty program is a critical step in achieving this goal. We also believe that partnering with SafeDAO to fund the bug bounty program for PWN Safe would be a mutually beneficial arrangement. We look forward to discussing this proposal with SafeDAO and exploring the potential for collaboration. Thanks for your time!

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