SafeDAO Governance Dashboard Feedback Thread

GM SafeDAO folks!

I’m Sosujung(Product team), here on behalf of the Curia team behind the SafeDAO Governance Analytics Dashboard from the SGP Wave 1. We are thrilled to announce the initial deployment of the first version of the SafeDAO Governance Dashboard, a key milestone in our journey towards enhancing governance transparency and efficiency within SafeDAO ecosystem.

What is the SafeDAO Governance Analytics Dashboard? The SafeDAO Governance Dashboard is a governance data visualization tool designed to provide deep insights into the governance activities of SafeDAO. It features a comprehensive set of metrics and analytics, offering a detailed view of holder metrics, voting power distribution, proposal participation, delegates, and much more.

We need your Feedback: We are in the process of collecting feedbacks from the community. As members of the SafeDAO community, your feedback will play a crucial role in shaping the dashboard to better serve your needs and to effectively reflect the dynamics of our governance processes.

How to Provide Feedback To share your thoughts and suggestions, here are some guidelines to get you started:

  1. Explore the SafeDAO Gov Dashboard : Spend some time navigating through the different features and metrics of the dashboard. Please note that some of the holder metrics are not applicable because the token is not transferable.
  2. Note Your Experience : As you explore, jot down any thoughts on usability, features you find useful, and areas for improvement.
  3. Share Your Thoughts : Reply to this thread with your feedback.

Areas of Focus While we welcome all forms of feedback, we are particularly interested in your thoughts on:

  • Usability and Interface : How intuitive and user-friendly do you find the dashboard?
  • Relevance of Metrics : Are the provided metrics and analytics relevant and useful for understanding SafeDAO’s governance?
  • Performance and Speed : How is the overall performance of the dashboard? Are there any issues with loading times or responsiveness?
  • Suggestions for Improvement : What additional features or metrics would you like to see in future updates?

Thank you for taking the time to contribute to the development of the SafeDAO Governance Dashboard. Your input is vital to ensure that this tool effectively meets the community’s needs and enhances our collective governance experience.


Congrats on the dashboard launch @Sosujung_Curia, @v3naru, and the Curia team! :tada::bar_chart:


  • It’d be useful to estimate the number of unique entities (individuals and organizations) that hold SAFE if possible. Of course this is would be a rough approximate. However, it would be interesting to make an attempt at it using potential onchain indicators. I’ve seen Glassnode estimate this before using their proprietary strategies.

Voting power

  • Voting Power Distribution
    • It could be good to have this visualization at the top of the view because it seems to be one of the more important pieces of info here.
    • This will be a good metric to focus on for the DAO moving forward to help distribute the SafeDAO voting power
  • Delegates Categorized by Source of Voting Power
    • This is also important and I would consider having 2nd in this view underneath the Voting Power Distribution
  • I don’t fully understand the Delegated Minority and Non-Minority holder addresses after reading the descriptions.


  • The data here is interesting. I think it will become more useful as there are more proposals once the Outcome based resource allocation (OBRA) process begins.
  • It would be useful to have some metrics in this view that show how the voting power impacted each proposal vote, e.g. “The top 1% of voters impacted 20% of the SEP #X vote”.


  • My favorite part of this view is the delegate search feature and delegate detail view from clicking on an individual delegate in the search results list.
  • This view will be important in helping track Delegate contributions and potentially track future Delegate rewards if the SafeDAO develops a process for this. @StableLab, @Nneoma_StableLab, and @Andre’s X space yesterday was a good start to learn about other successful DAOs contribution and reward processes.
  • Non-Conformity Ratio is interesting. I hadn’t thought of this before.
  • I don’t understand what Minority and Non-Minority is describing here.


  • This is a cool feature.
  • It seems like the more we can increase the early voting percentage the better for increasing the overall volume of participation.

Hello @adamhurwitz.eth, Thank you for your thorough and insightful feedback on the SafeDAO Governance Dashboard. Your suggestions are invaluable in guiding our improvement efforts.

Delegated Minority and Non-Minority Holder Addresses:

We are working on improving the descriptions for Delegated Minority and Non-Minority holder addresses to avoid confusion and ensure a better understanding for all users.

Reorganization of the Voting Power Metrics Layout:

Based on your suggestion, we are thinking of reorganizing the layout of the dashboard, on these Voting Power metrics. The Voting Power Distribution Visualization will be placed at the top, followed by the Delegates Categorized by Source of Voting Power.

Estimating Unique SAFE Holders:

Really cool idea about unique entities holding SAFE. We’re thinking of trying out some on-chain indicators for this. It’s a bit of a challenge, but definitely worth exploring. Thanks for the Glassnode reference. Enhancing Proposal Data Metrics

Categorization and Alignment with OBRA Framework:

Since you mentioned it, we think we could refine our proposal metrics, and adjust our categorizations and sub-categories to ensure alignment with the OBRA framework, offering a more relevant overview of these proposals.

Dedicated Page for Proposal Analysis:

We’re planning to create a dedicated page for an in-depth analysis of each proposals. This initiative, although beyond our current grant’s scope, would help enhance our governance data accessibility and transparency.

Tracking Delegate Contributions and Rewards:

We are excited about the potential of utilizing the dashboard to support our community and delegates in streamlining our future delegate reward process. We agreed that this is a good start for appropriately recognizing and rewarding our Delegates’ contributions. Thank you once again for your thoughtful and constructive insights. We will keep you posted on our progress!

Thank you once again for your thoughtful and constructive insights. We will keep you posted on our progress!


Congratulations to the team!
One thing I am curious about is what kind of data your team mainly makes use of.
For instance, how does your side reflect these data on your proposals and improvements for Safe DAO governance?

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Hi @DAODUDE thanks for the question! Our team primarily utilizes a range of data insights to help empower the SafeDAO community in making informed and strategic decisions regarding governance. These insights are derived from key metrics such as participation rates, voter turnout, and delegate activities. For instance, we closely monitor participation rates and voter turnout to identify areas in need of improvement. This is vital for evaluating the effectiveness of our governance initiatives and campaigns, providing a transparent and detailed view of their impact and success within the SafeDAO ecosystem.

Furthermore, a significant aspect of our data analysis involves delving into delegate activities. This involves tracking and evaluating the contributions and performance of delegates, which is crucial in refining SafeDAO’s resource allocation strategies toward delegates. By doing so, we ensure that resources within the DAO are efficiently allocated towards individuals or entities that add genuine value, enhancing the overall efficacy of the DAO.

This approach of leveraging specific data types in resource distribution is key to optimizing resource utilization. It directly influences our proposals and improvements for SafeDAO governance by providing actionable insights. These insights guide our decision-making processes, ensuring that our strategies and initiatives are data-driven, targeted, and effective in addressing the specific needs and dynamics of the SafeDAO governance structure.


Update on Milestone 2 of the SafeDAO Governance Analytics Dashboard


We are pleased to provide an update on Milestone 2 of our SafeDAO Governance Analytics Dashboard. This milestone encapsulates our development, driven by community feedback and focused on enhancing user experience and functionality.

Detailed Updates

  1. UI/UX Design Implementation and Backend Development:
  • Finalized UI/UX Designs: Our dashboard, SafeDAO Governance Analytic Dashboard, showcases the finalized and implemented UI/UX designs. These designs were developed based on initial concepts and extensive community feedback, ensuring a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Backend Logic Development: We have developed back-end logic for efficient data fetching, processing, and display on the front end. This ensures that the dashboard presents accurate governance data.
  1. Community Feedback Collection and Analysis:
  • Feedback Thread: We initiated a feedback thread on the SafeDAO forum to gather insights and suggestions from the SafeDAO community. This has been a crucial step in understanding user needs and expectations.
  1. Dashboard Updates and Refinements:
  • Clarification of Holder Addresses: In response to community feedback, we are refining the descriptions for Delegated Minority and Non-Minority holder addresses to enhance clarity and understanding. Example: Adjusting replace “non-minority” and minority with “small” and “large” holder for more simple and clearer understanding.
  • Reorganization of Voting Power Metrics Layout: We are restructuring the dashboard layout, prioritizing the Voting Power metrics. The Voting Power Distribution Visualization will be prominently displayed at the top, followed by the Delegates Categorized by Source of Voting Power. This reorganization aims to present the most crucial information more effectively.
  1. Reporting on User Engagement and Feedback:
  • Since our early launch on 19 December, we have recorded significant user engagement:
    • User Statistics: Accumulated 143 users with an average engagement time of 1.13 minutes.
    • Dashboard Interactions: Over 700 views and 1.1k event count, indicating active user interaction and interest.


The progress under Milestone 2 represents a leap forward in our journey to create a comprehensive and user-centric governance analytics dashboard for SafeDAO. We are committed to ongoing improvements and eagerly anticipate further community engagement and feedback. Thank you to all who have contributed to this milestone’s success.