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Happy new month! April brings many pivotal updates and proposals that stand to reshape the landscape of SafeDAO. Here’s a quick overview of what’s happening:

:ballot_box: SafeDAO Governance:

  • Snapshot Proposals
    • [SEP #22], A milestone proposal to unpause the SAFE token contract is now up for voting, with an aim to enable $SAFE token transferability by April 23rd, assuming a successful vote by April 15, 2024. This step is poised to unlock new levels of stakeholder participation and utility for the SAFE token. Dive deeper into Safe’s token transferability event, with this blog.

    • [SEP #23], [OBRA] Safe Token Utility Sprint 1, the proposal seeking the initiation of the initiative to form a working group focused on exploring and defining the most impactful use cases for the SAFE token is now live for a vote!

    • [SEP #24] karpatkey - SAFE DAO Treasury Management Core Unit, the proposal by renowned treasury management service provider, Karpatkey, is now live for voting! This proposal details the appointment of Karpatkey as the treasury manager for SafeDAO, extending its role to manage the joint treasury with GnosisDAO to enhance governance and financial efficiency. The initiative aims to leverage Karpatkey’s expertise in DAO treasury management to strategically allocate resources, manage risks, and support the SafeDAO ecosystem’s growth now that the unpausing of the SAFE token contract is underway.

Voting Timeline:

  • Voting Start: April 2nd 2024
  • Voting End: April 14 2024

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  • Forum Discussions

    • In a recent discussion started by @kdowlin, the community is exploring ways to reward Safe users and active governance participants. The proposal references the non-redeemed SAFE User Airdrop Allocation and aims to align the distribution of these tokens with the original goals of decentralization, rewarding usage, and encouraging active governance participation. The proposal poses two options: extending the original token airdrop criteria or targeting active users since the first airdrop’s closure. It is important to note that the Safe Ecosystem Foundation governs User Allocation funds, not SafeDAO. This distinction informs decision-making around these funds. Following SEP #21 SAFE Token Utility, these funds are designated for the Safe Activity Program (SAP) to reward active users. Although SafeDAO can make recommendations, like with SEP #5, the Foundation ultimately oversees the airdrop funds.

    • @Rocketman-21 proposes a protocol to turn any Safe into a Nounish DAO. Seeking 30k USDC under Strategy 2 of OBRA, this project aims to build a module and website for easy Safe to DAO conversion to enhance SafeDAO’s collaborative governance capabilities. Grounds DAO exemplifies this new model. The project envisions launching its first Nounish DAO by Q2 2024, with goals to educate the community and convert 10 Safes into DAOs with a combined treasury of over $1M by Q3 2024.

:handshake: Safe Events:

  • SafeCon returns this Spring! Sign up now and dive into what to expect at the event.
  • Safe Token Transferability community call
    • Summary:
      • SafeDAO members convened at the community call on March 28th to discuss the next big step for the DAO and ecosystem at large: making the SAFE token transferable. This call brought together community members, core team members, and notable partners who co-authored the proposal including LuukDAO, Tally, Areta, StableLab, and more. The call focused on the proposal in its maturity assessment phase, notable for its wide co-authorship reflecting strong community support.
      • The backstory of the SAFE token, from its initial non-transferable state to today, is a story of community-driven governance and careful planning. After a previously rejected proposal, SafeDAO set five clear milestones to ensure the community was ready for this move. With these milestones now met, the community is gearing up for a decision that could see the token become transferable by April 23, 2024, using the SafeSnap module for a secure transition.
      • Speakers shared exciting updates on SafeDAO’s roadmap, discussing innovations and initiatives such as the Safe Activity Program ratified in SEP 21, and other token utilities designed to bolster the ecosystem.
      • This meeting highlighted the importance of SafeDAO’s commitment to structured and progressive decentralization and active community involvement. SafeDAO stands on the brink of a decision that could significantly shape its governance landscape, all thanks to years of dedicated teamwork and community input.
  • Stay tuned for the upcoming Governance call in the first week of May where the community will go through the full structure and assets of SafeDAO and its relationship to the Safe Ecosystem Foundation

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