Safe Token Slow or Never Start?

Hello , And this my few words about token situation .

I read this , It was about creating a TOKEN and not a soap bubble, the COW protocol was launched in a couple of months, the safe token has been on pause for almost a year, what kind of user reward are we talking about? Optimism, Arbitrum, Aptos, dozens of protocols gave their users liquid tokens, the opportunity to buy or sell them, attract new investors, but only we are sitting on the site and discussing it is not clear what.

  1. In the article above, we talked about rewarding users, I don’t see a reward, I only see that we were given a dummy that we cannot buy, transfer, and even burn to be a full-fledged Tao, and which we cannot sell, for now there is simply no point in voting because 2-3 whales can easily create a quorum to be in SEP #2.
    Then what’s the point in activity?

  2. A TOKEN is a transferable asset, at the moment it is only an appearance, but in fact it is garbage, many people do not sit here and do not see the point of claiming a token just because they cannot do anything with it.

  3. New faces - I don’t see new faces here, I like the team and people on this forum BUT, it can’t be like this forever, we are like a country in which a dictator rules for 20 years, the same person cannot be a constant generator of ideas, we we need new people, a new look at many things, but even if a person makes a claim, the majority does not have 20 thousand safe tokens to put up an offer, and there is no opportunity to buy them, and we cannot be called DAO, DAO is the freedom to sell and buy.

Many may think that I want to sell my tokens and get some easy money -

No, I want to know that I am contributing, that my posts, ideas, they are not in vain and I do not participate in the puppet theater in which everything is decided by 2-3 people, on the contrary, I would like to buy more tokens as soon as they come out in order to take more participation in the product and have more than % of votes.

I ask all of you to start a discussion and speed up the process of enabling token portability, we risk losing the interest of all people who have been working on the project for more than six months!

p.S. Many can say that now is not the best time, that there are reasons and so on. Arbitrum, Optimism and so on came out at different times, people bought and sold the token, the price fell and the price rose, even the Swindler Richard Hurt launched his pls token, how many years will we wait for the perfect time?

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@lukas @1sla.eth maybe you comment this ? Or few days ingnore my words its normal?