Safe Grant for Pluser

My name is Elshan, and I’m CEO at Pluser. We build solutions on-top of Safe wallet. We are also considering using Gnosis Chain as the first network for our application.

2 billion were stolen from wallets in 2022 due to hacker attacks and the loss of access. Current wallets as accounts are complex and insecure.

Pluser is a single decentralized account for all web3 applications, with authorization via email, strong security, and hack protection.

Our team has a significant experience in web3. We have worked in many cool web3 startups. We have experience in development, UX/UI design, and marketing. Also, we won a lot of web3 hackathons from notable web3 companies like Zerion, Binance Smart Chain, Ceramic Network, BitScale Capital, and Fluence.

We want to communicate with you and discuss the possibility of getting a grant.

Pitch: Pluser Pitch.pdf - Google Drive

Welcome on board @Elshan
Excited to see you here.

On a quick one, the proposal that seek to structure Safe Grants is still under discussion and yet to be ratified

You can follow the proposal closely to know when the Grant Program is fully up.

Not sure if @theobtl wants to add a comment on this

Hi @Elshan, great to hear about what you’re building!
As @CaptainTee said, a grants programme is currently not yet operational.

Do you happen to be at ETHDenver and hack on a project there?

Hi @theobtl

Unfortunately, we will not be at ETH Denver this year. But we will be happy to participate in future hackathons.

We also launched our Gnosis DAO request. We would be glad if you supported us.

Gnosis DAO Proposal

We are very interested in Safe and the Gnosis Chain ecosystem. Since all Pluser modules will be built on Safe, Safe can use them modules in their products.

@theobtl Let’s call and we will tell you more about what Pluser does and how it uses Safe. Thanks!

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