Announcing: Safe Grants Program Wave 1 Grantees!

Gm friends,

After a multi-month process involving SafeDAO voting, electing a Grants Council, and evaluating applications, we are thrilled to present our final 21 grantees!

Across 4 categories of Build, Growth, Research, and Govern, follow along these projects as they take the ecosystem to the next level!

:hammer_and_wrench: Build
:black_small_square: AbstractionKit – Reference SDK for ERC-4337 with new Safe{Core} Protocol

:black_small_square:Account Recovery with a regulated Swiss Bank


:black_small_square:dSAFE registry

:black_small_square:Eternal Safe - Decentralized Safe{Wallet}

:black_small_square:Extensible Fallbank Handler + Signature Verifier Mixer

:black_small_square:Fluidkey – Privacy Made Simple

:black_small_square:Liveness Module

:black_small_square:Safe Explorer



:black_small_square:Brahma Console - DeFi Pro Asset Management

:black_small_square:Lore: Empowering Communities Through Co-Ownership

:black_small_square:Nest Wallet – A Browser Extension for your Safe


:black_small_square:Challenges and Opportunities of Distributed Cryptography for Safe

:black_small_square:How to responsibly incentivise multisig signers?

:black_small_square:Safe Anonymization Module

:black_small_square:SafeRecover: zk-powered recovery mechanisms

:black_small_square:StableLab: Enhancing Governance Participation in SafeDAO

:black_small_square:Safe Governance Analytics Dashboard

Learn more about these projects on the Safe Blog below👇