Request for Feedback: Draft Outline of SafeDAO's Monthly Governance Analytics Report

GM SafeDAO community,

I’m excited to share the work-in-progress draft outline for our upcoming Governance Monthly Report. This initiative is part of our OBRA initiative: SEP12 and leverages data from the SafeDAO Gov Dashboard. We are committed to enhancing transparency and decision-making within our community. Below are the key components and goals of the report:


  1. Data Interpretation and Analysis: Each report will analyze the collected data to transform complex metrics into understandable insights, interpreting trends, patterns, and anomalies.
  2. Historical Context and Comparative Analysis: Data will be contextualized against historical trends within SafeDAO to provide a broader perspective on governance evolution and benchmarks with similar initiatives.
  3. Actionable Insights: The reports will deliver actionable insights and recommendations, identifying opportunities for increased participation, highlighting effective governance practices, and suggesting areas for improvement.

Report Format:

  • Custom Analysis for Specific Activities:

    • eg. Token Transferability Impact:
      • Changes in votable supply, distribution of voting power, # of new delegates after token transferability
    • eg. Impact of OBRA Initiatives:
      • Alterations in governance participation rates.
      • Distribution of power changes and # of new delegates
  • Governance Metrics Monitoring:

    • Voting Participation Trends:

      • Average monthly participation rate and comparison with the previous month. (Changes in participation rate)
      • Unique voters and voting power within the month and monthly changes. (Change in # of unique voters and voting power casted)
      • Number of active delegates participating at least once during the month.
      • Number of new voters (addresses voting for the first time).
    • Voter Dynamics:

      • Changes in voter’s voting power that are above the threshold (e.g., 10%, 20%, etc., with a minimum of 10K Safe Tokens).
      • Shifts in delegate status (active, inactive, ghost).
    • Proposal Outcomes and Contentiousness:

      • Analysis by categories: participation rates, voting power, voter turnout, and level of contentiousness.
      • Tracking contentious proposals across different thresholds (Top 10, Top 20, and all).
    • Shifts in Voting Power Distribution:

      • Group by rankings intervals (measuring variance)
        • Variance analysis across ranking intervals (e.g., Top 1-10 , 11-50, 51-200, 201 - 500, 501 - 1000, etc.).

We believe this report could aid in understanding the nuances of our governance and empower all members to participate more effectively. However, your feedback is crucial to ensure the report meets the community’s needs and expectations.

We invite you to provide your feedback on:

  • The comprehensiveness of the data presented.
  • Any additional metrics or data you think should be included.
  • The clarity of the report’s format and presentation.

Your feedback will help us refine the final version of the monthly report, ensuring it is both informative and user-friendly. Please share your thoughts and suggestions either here in the forum or via Telegram @v3dao.

Thank you for your ongoing support and engagement in strengthening SafeDAO governance.


Great work @v3naru as always. Thank you

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