Launching social Safes with Safe{Pass}? 💚

Social Safes

The Safe Pass launch is a wonderful opportunity to expand Safe as the digital account for self ownership of social, messaging, data, collaboration, and identity, in addition to assets.

Safe actions rewarded

Transaction count: The number of transactions made with your Safe Account

Weekly user: You will be rewarded for using your Safe Account on a weekly basis

Will Safe{Pass} include non-financial actions that are secured by users’ Safe as their sign-on method or that they hold their account NFT with?

Examples of social protocols and apps potentially aligned with Safe

  • Unique versions of a file saved to Fileverse
  • Messages sent on XMTP and PushChat
  • Meaningful interactions with POAP, Farcaster/Warpcast, Yup, and Lens

Assets stored: The USD value of the assets that are stored on your Safe Account

It’s nice to see Safe is also rewarding users for Safe’s original use of securing assets.

Locking SAFE privacy

Locking SAFE is a good first use case. The process of locking SAFE requires users with multiple Safes to move SAFE tokens into one account. Directly transferring SAFE into a public-friendly account reveals all of the users Safe accounts.

Coinbase has listed SAFE so that is an option for Coinbase users to send their SAFE through to their public-friendly Safe account. This exchange strategy does not provide full privacy, but is an improvement from directly transferring SAFE from all of your existing Safe accounts.