Creating PFP NFT's for SAFE community

I am writing this for the community and safe team to acknowledge the lack of branding for the safe protocol. I and the rest of my educated peers are fully aware of the importance of forming communities that are recognizable. That being said i am proposing the idea of safe protocol creating PFP NFT’s for its users and team members. The execution and criteria should be discussed in this thread. My suggestion would be to reward past and present users with free mints. (More mint slots for more active users of safe) the cost to mint can vary from free to a fixed amount of ETH. The art will also need to be commissioned and the Safe DAO can be used for voting to hire the proper artist. (if someone in the safe team has skills with this task it might be more cost affective) i will finish this proposal with the facts of many projects have successfully formed communities simply by creating a NFT themed PFP. Hedgies (DYDX), sprotos (HPOS10I), etc. The good news is that SAFE protocol has a very strong backbone and the utility for safes are amassed by a $70B+ trust amongst users and other projects. The addition of creating recognizable PFP NFT’s for this ecosystem can only benefit in my opinion.