Introduce yourself thread

Welcome @marcus! It’s awesome to see the impact you’re involved with in LatAm. I’ll be working from Bogotá this fall and I’m looking forward to learn from the local crypto communities as I did on my past extended travel to Medellín in 2019.

Have any dates or location been decided yet for ETH LatAm this year? The site seems to show last year’s info.


Hey @adamhurwitz.eth! Thanks for the warm welcome. Yes, the dates for ETH LatAm are set, the last week of October in Honduras :tada:


Welcome Marcus, Es increíble ver todo el trabajo que estás haciendo con ETH en LatAm. I’ll mark my calendar for ETH LatAm. :slight_smile:


Gracias! :heart: Muy bullish LatAm!


Hey dear friends, I go by @blackswordsman7. I’m a builder, and have been following - account abstraction EIPs #4337, #6551.

previously DAOing gitcoindao, game7 in early days and currently contributing hydraventures, akiyadao

Experience - Cofounder Kernel0x, and previously worked at Gitcoin (2020-2021), Polygon (2019-2020)

I’m excited to be here, and become part of the SAFE Community. I would like to contribute to the DAO and SAFE ecosystem & would love any directions :slight_smile:

:bird: Twitter


Hi there! My name is Moritz, I’m based between Dubai, UAE and Nairobi, Kenya :slight_smile:

I am originally French/German but have lived the past 7 years in Africa - Ghana, Nigeria, and now Kenya. After building a digital media brand that reaches about 35M people / month across the continent over the past 7 years, I’ve decided to start a new venture focused on making it easier for SMEs & Startups to operate onchain.

That’s what I’m working on with, and we are using Safe as the underlying protocol for our multisig. Very excited to be here and to contribute to the ecosystem! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! My name is Bruno. I’m the founder of Defiant wallet, and I’m crazy about what SAFE has been doing for the ecosystem for years. Evenmore, now with the launch of {Core}, I think we’re about to enter a new generation of wallets, dapps and the whole Web3.

I’ll be hanging around here, trying to chip in with whatever I can.



Hey Bruno, welcome! Great to have you here/


Hey and welcome mozrt!

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HI HI I’m nanobro. A crypto enthusiastic & small business owner.

I joined May AccountAbstraction Hackathon with honourable mention concept

I also run crypto news&tips account

Hope to contribute “Safe” crypto with u guys.


Welcome @nanobro ! Good to have you here!

im a little late to this thread but better late than never :slight_smile:
My name is Georg, and I am using Safe myself for quite some time now, as Im also a firm believer in Multisig Wallets and AA with its many benefits. I work for Greenfield, one of Safe’s many investors and am currently working on our governance strategy. Thats why Im actively involved in the Safe community to help build a sound community from day one. If you have any questions or want to connect, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @georgmbr
Cheers from Berlin.


Welcome Georg! Good to have you here.

Hi everyone, very excited to be here!

I’m Andre and will be stepping in to lead the Safe Foundation’s governance efforts for SafeDAO. I’ve been involved in the space since 2017 and Gnosis was actually one of the earliest projects I had touch points with. Since then, I’ve been involved as a legal consultant and in academic research on regulation and decentralized governance, heading several initiatives at the Wharton School and being an author for publications on DeFi for the World Economic Forum.

I understand that there are numerous open threads and questions and while getting up to speed, we’ll be providing clarity in the coming days and weeks.

To gain a better understanding of the current state of SafeDAO, it would help me a lot if you could fill out the following survey (takes less than 5min): SafeDAO Improvement Survey. We’ll be posting this also in other respective channels.

I’m also looking forward to getting to know all of you. Feel free to book a slot with me for a 30-minute SafeDAO Chat. I’ll be adding more availabilities over the next days.

Stay tuned for some more updates soon!


Welcome aboard, @Andre! I think our community would be excited to tap into your rich expertise in legal frameworks and decentralized governance. Personally, I can’t wait to see the magic you’re going to work in refining SafeDAO.

Really appreciate for your proactive approach to understanding our operations - you’re setting a great example! To show my support, I’ve filled out the Improvement Survey and booked in a SafeDAO Chat with you. I’d love to see our members jump on board with this; it’s such a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with the foundation and steer SafeDAO towards a brighter, more collaborative future. Cheers, and again, a warm welcome! :beers:


Thanks so much, appreciate it! Looking forward to chat

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Welcome Andre - great having you on the team!

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Hi everyone, quick intro from my side

I am Steven and I recently joined Safe as Protocol Designer. Like many, I have been a very happy user of the Safe wallet for a while so I am beyond excited to have joined and contribute to this growing ecosystem!

Personally I have been involved in the crypto space since 2017, where I mainly learned by trying out protocols, meetups, reading, … I have a background in Economics and prior to joining Safe I was working in TradFi (most recently I was part of the blockchain team at a corporate VC).

I very much look forward to interacting with all of you and exchanging views! In case of questions feel free to reach out!!

Greetings from Switzerland


Hey @Steven, Congratulations on joining the Safe core team! The SAFE token design will be pivotal in moving the ecosystem forward. I’m looking forward to your impact here.

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I’m Cristiano, co-founder of Wireshape, an L2 blockchain dedicated to bridging manufacturers, retailers, and consumers through of a Token Curated Registry system. With 7 years in the crypto realm and over 2 years as an user of Safe, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative benefits of decentralized systems.

I’m happy to be part of this community and open to discuss potential integrations between Wireshape and Safe.


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