Introduce yourself thread

My name is wangyibo will continue to support us in the future

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Hello everyone, I am chenyizhen and I have been using gnosis for some time now. It feels very safe to use

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I’m interested in the role of Gnosis in whole crypto industry. And holding some GNO, running GBC node on my own PC.
Additionally, I live in Japan and would like to participate in the form of translating articles and documentation into Japanese.
I am new to creating Gnosis safe wallets, but I hope to participate in some way in expanding the GNO and SAFE ecosystem.


Heya, Safe ecosystem fellas!

Luuk here, co-founder of PrimeDAO, Kolektivo and The DAOist.

I have been a loyal user of Gnosis Safe since the early days. PrimeDAO is currently building a DAO role management platform on top of Safe. We’ve piloted the Role-based system with The DAOist, and the first results are exciting.

I look forward to contributing more to the Safe ecosystem!


gm folks!

Glad to be here! I’m a long time Safe user and one of the founders of Den. Den helps crypto-native teams get transactions built & signed fast. We are powered by Gnosis Safe.

Our product is in private beta where we are working with an exciting group of DAOs to best solve their problems. If you’re interested in beta access, feel free to reach out on Twitter.

Our team is excited to continue contributing as active members of the Safe community!


Hi guardians,

I’m a contributor to a few projects in the DAO space including the Logos DAO exchange, DAOStar EIP4824, Moloch Mystics, and DAOHaus

All of these projects are made possible by composable governance tooling built on top of Gnosis Safe which can adapt as communities scale.

Looking forward to contributing however I can!


Hi guardians,

Super glad to meet you all here!

I am Lixin. CEO of Keystone hardware wallet.

Some quick highlights about our product:

We are one of the official hardware wallet partners of MetaMask.
Our integration with MetaMask Extension
Our integration with MetaMask Mobile -
We are the first hardware wallet integrated with MetaMask mobile and the only cross-platform hardware wallet for MetaMask for now.

We partnered with ENS to become the first hardware wallet that can display ENS on the device.

We have integrated with Gnosis Safe on the web application and brought QR-code signing to the Gnosis Safe ecosystem. We partially help solve the security issue of #BlindSigning on Gnosis Safe -

In the future:

  1. We hope to get integrated with the Gnosis Safe desktop app as well as the mobile app.

  2. We hope to collaborate with Gnosis Safe team to fully solve the issue of #BlindSigning.


Hi all,
Happy to meet you all :slight_smile:
I work on the growth team at OpenZeppelin. I love the ability for Defender users to easily set up a Gnosis Safe multisig via the Admin function of Defender.


Hello everyone,

I’m Lawrence Grigorescu, co-founder and CEO of Zyield Finance.
Zyield is DeFi & NFT wallet built on top of Gnosis Safe making it easy for users to save, invest and trade crypto in a secure and intuitive manner, similar to a Web 2 investment account.
Looking forward to become a more active participant in the Gnosis Safe ecosystem, meet the community and grow together.


Greetings Gnosis Guardians :space_invader:

I’m YalorMewn, I spend most of my time in the DAO space as a core contributor for MetaCartel, [RaidGuild], [DAOHaus], [MetaPod], [MCON], and [LogosDAO]. I’ve been a Safe user for ages, I think spinning up a Safe was one of the first “crypto” things I did back in 2017.

We’ve integrated Gnosis Safe into so many of our internal operations, from escrow to NFT vaults and I’d be glad to engage with ecosystem development where ever needed :fist:t4:


:wave:t2: Hi Safe People, I’m excited to build in an open-source ecosystem! I’ve worked in business and Android development both in big tech and more recently on my own indie projects. I enjoy exploring new cities for extended stays, coffee beans, and teas.

I’ve submitted my first retroactive public goods funding to the Safe Guardians Program for the open-source notes I’ve compiled the past year.

Looking forward to helping Safe grow. :beginner::pray:t2:


Hello, I’m jekl. I contribute to DAOhaus, MetaCartel, Raid Guild, MetaPod and other projects in the DAO space.

We’ve been building DAO tooling on top of Gnosis Safe that offers more nuanced governance abilities for organizations and communities. With each iteration, we experiment and try to push the boundaries of human coordination.

As a delegate for DAOhaus, I can say that we are very excited to become a Safe Guardian and continue contributing as active members of the Gnosis Safe community.


Hey all,

I have been involved in a number of dao’s including gnosis, hopr, talley-ho, optimism, dxdao, and a number of others. I am not super technical but run my own node and believe in the ethics behind decentralization and security. I also participate in defi in a number of areas. So I am excited to bring the non-technical market and philosophical perspective in any way I can help.



Hey all, I’m Typto, summoner of DAOSquare(an incubator for Web3) and a DAO passioner. Happy to be here! So excited about SafeDAO, and hope to do some contributions to it!

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Hi folks
Great to be here. First, I went through this thread and am really stoked to be here!
My name is Malik, I am Partner at Dezentrum think and do tank. We are all about using technology for the benefit of society. Blockchain and DAOs is one of our focus areas. We recently spun out Agree, a tool to make decision making as easy as it can get.

I am teaching Blockchain at Universities of applied sciences in Switzerland (FFHS, FHGR). I had the chance to interact with a few people working on Gnosis Safe in the past. Mainly Lukas, as we both are Swiss and met in Web2 already. I use Safe regularly and think it is a super important tool for adoption and as a gateway into the Web3 world.

Further I am a daddy since 9 months, love to surf and to play football.


Hello. I’m Kirk and have been following the Gnosis Safe since it could first hold ERC-20 tokens with the release of the new Safe smart contract in 2018, when I began using it for testing. Became a heavy user in mid-2020 as the contracts became more Lindy and had an aggregate US$1 billion in value stored in tens of thousands of Gnosis Safes.

Have introduced over 20 others to Safe, especially after the multichain push of 2021, and have written up a few ideas for improvement over the years, both in GitHub and in Discord. Looking forward to a future where the sort of social recovery wallets that are possible with multisig smart contract become more of a norm.


Hi everyone, nice to meet you here and hope to build the perfect community together

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Hi, I’m ZQ. I learned about Gnosis Safe at the end of April and have enjoyed meeting you all


Hi to the community ! :smiley:

I had been involved in the crypto community since 6 years. I have been a blockchain enthusiast since a while research and contributing to the growth of web3, cryptos and Daos communities. I am grateful to be part of this community of very motivated and ambitious people.

I have been involved and had experience running nodes and participating in different tesnet community events : Such as Lukso, Spacemesh, OnionDao. I have been writing content in english & french for differents DAOs, Layer 2 and Defi projects.

Tried to participated as much as i can in new crypto innovation, providing feedbacks referring new users and educating friends and family.

  • General information: 25 yold with a bachelor degree. I have background working for Banks and in finance, Website, Living in Canada Montreal & Niger West africa , French & English

What i like about safe is the Vision, focus on the base, the most secure, the source layer the wallet to create a safe ecosystem above you can built securely any app, and manage digital asset in a way that wasn’t possible before. Very optimistic about the future. :beers:

You can reach me on my different social medias :

  • discord : nour#4667
  • twitter : noureasy
  • i am available in safe forum + discord for any discussion

My goal is too create education content, weekly recaps to help with the growth of the community ! Let’s make it together :tada:

Here is some of my previous content :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Donna aka Shieldmaiden. I leaped into the rabbit hole without a parachute, but I don’t regret a thing. I have learned alot over the past 3 years and I am still learning. I have a guild of mainly women who I help onboard into crypto projects safely and have monthly Parma, Pot and Crypto events here in Australia.
I have built alot of relationships through different projects I am in. I write a weekly snapshot of the cryptosphere in the Daily and IRL I teach finance and literacy for a few Adult education centres and include Blockchain

I have heard of gnosis, but thought it was one of the projects I’ll get around too having a really good look at

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