How to sign message as Gnosis safe

Hey guys!

I would like to have a label in my safe at
However, to do this I need a signed message from my gnosis safe address, how would I do this?

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Could you please elaborate on what kind of label you’d like to configure?

Labels on bscscan (and also etherscan) are configured by bscscan (or ethescan, respectively) themselves as far as I know. You would have to contact them directly

Here’s an example label what I’m referrring to
(From Gnosis: GnosisDAO Safe | Address 0x0DA0C3e52C977Ed3cBc641fF02DD271c3ED55aFe | Etherscan)

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Thanks for the reply!
Yea that’s exactly it.
And I contacted them and they asked me to sign a message using the address of the gnosis safe.

The message should be:
[ dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss] I am the owner/creator of the address [InsertAddress] and it is to be tagged as [InsertPreferredNameTag].

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I just want to know if it’s possible to sign a message using the address of the gnosis safe, otherwise I’ll contact them again to find an alternative solution to prove address ownership.

I have not tried it, but you could use the wallet connect module and connect it to My Ether wallet and then create a signature there. Just a suggestion, I am unsure whether it would work.

The thing to understand as per the convention a multisig or contract sig is broadcasted on the chain and would require m of the m/n parties to sign.

You cannot create a signature equivalent to a signature of a private key based account. A Safe doesn’t have a single private key. The Safe support contract signatures via EIP1271 though. Etherscan or other dapps would need to support that thought on their end.

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Make sense, thanks for info

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