How do you deploy Gnosis Safe contract locally

Hi, I’m trying to deploy the gnosis safe contract locally. I have a Ganache Ethereum Client running locally. I’ve tried yarn deploy-all custom pointing to my local ganache instance,

but keep getting:

Error: ERROR processing /Users/vikrambaid/Desktop/Fountain/safe-contracts/src/deploy/deploy_accessors.ts:
        Safe factory not found for network 1337. You can request a new deployment at
        For more information, see

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The error message suggests that the Safe factory contract is not deployed on your local Ganache network (network ID 1337).To resolve this issue, you need to deploy the Safe factory contract on your local Ganache network before deploying the Gnosis Safe contract.

Firstly, clone the Safe contract repository from github. After that, Install the Dependencies. Then, Deploy the Safe factory contracts.
After the deployment is successful, you can try deploying the Gnosis Safe contract again.
Make sure you have Ganache running locally on the correct network (in this case, network ID 1337) before trying to do any of the above steps

For more info, Vist Safe Github Repo: GitHub - safe-global/safe-contracts: Safe allows secure management of blockchain assets.

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