[SEP #11] Governance amendment Season 1 / Sprint 4

I’ve submitted proposed updates to André for the OBRA proposal template to help further improve the quality of submissions moving forward and reduce the back and forth of requesting important proposal info from authors. It’s great to see many high quality submissions so far!

To update my second bullet point above, signaling approval of a proposal already requires that the proposal template is complete thanks to the governance framework passed in SEP-7.

See E. Decision-making process > III. Proposal submission > 2. Phase 1: Official draft stage

If the authors determined by a self-assessment believe that the proposal is mature enough to vote on it (either after Phase 0 or directly), then it must be

  • Submitted as a new discussion thread on the forum in Phase 1.
  • If there was a previous discussion in Phase 0 add a link to it.
  • Marked with [Draft] in the title.
  • Formatted and contain information consistent with the proposal template in Annex 2.