Governance Call (Discussion on Treasury Management) - Wednesday, April 24, 16:00 UTC

Call Details:


  1. Governance Recap
  2. Phase 1 Proposal Review / Presentations
  3. Discussion on Treasury Management

Discussion: Treasury Management

There were several points and open questions raised from karpatkey’s treasury management core unit proposal. An additional discussion was opened by SpikeWatanabe.eth/Avantgarde.

In order to support an informed and engaged community, while we will not be discussing the proposal or karpatkey directly, there will be a governance call on the topic of Safe{DAO} treasury management. Facilitated by the Governance team, we’ll discuss topics such as:

  • Safe{DAO} treasuries, goals and expectations
  • Treasury management, decision making and processes
  • Industry lessons: What Safe{DAO} could learn from other DAOs (particularly ENS) and leaders
  • Service provider selection processes

If you would like to add topics to the agenda, please comment below.


At 19:41 UTC, we addressed a malicious link incident.

A Discord invite link for a scheduled SafeDAO governance call that expired, was hijacked and could lead people to a malicious Discord server.

There has been no unauthorized access to any of our accounts. We have immediately removed any links related to the incident and are further monitoring the situation.

As always, please stay vigilant.