[Discussion] Make process around selection of SAFE "Treasury management" more competitive

[Discussion] Make process around selection of SAFE “Treasury management” more competitive

While selecting Treasury manager several considerations needs to be taken into account:

  • Probably one of the most important is the extent to which the process is competitive. Clearly competition allows for better outcome for the client - lower fees and better service. Not letting other competent bidders such as Avantgarde finance for instance to participate in the process makes terms less advantageous than they otherwise could’ve been. This particular note is not necessarily promotes Avantgarde, but rather invites all qualified parties to participate in this process.

  • We understand that there is pre-existing relationship between Gnosis DAO and SAFE DAO. That implies certain technical limitations as to how SAFE DAO treasury should be managed. Collaboration is the key within Web3 space, as such we’ll be happy address any challenges arising from such arrangement. Moreover it will be our delight to work hand in hand with Karpatkey, who are managing Gnosis DAO.

  • Citing industry precedents - it took c. 11 month from inception of idea to execution in case of ENS treasury management. In between there were a lot of debate as to how best to approach this process and what kind of key considerations were important for community and protocol as a whole. We at Avantgarde believe that bypassing that part of the process might lead to suboptimal results.

  • ENS is one major whales upon which Web3 architecture is residing. Similarly SAFE is also one of those crucial ecosystem building blocks. SAFE successful further development is inseparable from treasury management, as it will provide stable runway to cover for the expenses.

  • Those considerations should not be taken lightly. Even though right now Ethereum ecosystem might appear to be mature its further growth and development, is highly depended on such pillars as SAFE.

We would like to kindly invite major delegates to reconsider their position on SAFE DAO treasury management and instead work together on implementing more open and competitive process. Several contestant will be able to offer better terms and even provide interesting additional insights.




Whales, please give reasons when voting, instead of just choosing Accept (especially for controversial proposals that have not yet been completed). When you simply choose Accept, your choice may have an huge impact on safe.


I think it should be noted that the joint treasury of Safe Dao / Gnosis Dao is just one of the treasuries. There is another Safe Dao treasury that will need management as well. Not Karpatkey is just looking to manage the joint treasury. I believe only 5% of tokens are going to joint and there are an additional 40% that will be managed by the SafeDao.

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