Community Call (OBRA Initiative Updates) - Wednesday July 3rd, 16:00 UTC

Call Details

  • Wednesday July 3rd, 16:00 UTC
  • Call details and meeting link here.


  1. High-Level OBRA Status Overview
  2. Progress Presentations from OBRA Initiatives
  3. OBRA Retro Outcomes Sharing
  4. What’s Next


After a few months of OBRA, this community call will take a moment to reflect on the overall progress of the program and highlight updates from a group of individual OBRA initiatives.

After the CES team overviews the status of OBRA as a program, each initiative will provide a 5-10 minute update covering their initial objectives, current status, and next steps. Additionally, we will present our OBRA retrospective findings and outcomes, and outline the way forward for the program

If you have any questions or wish to add any OBRA topics to the agenda, please let us know!


Thank you to everyone who participated in yesterday’s community call.

Please find below the link to the meeting recording and slides as promised:

OBRA Community Call (Jul’24) Recording
OBRA Overview Presentation Slides
CES Notion OBRA Info Hub