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Set an ENS avatar with Safe account

ENS is a great place to start exploring Social Safes because ENS provides fundamentals to owning your digital identity, messaging, access controls, publishing, etc.

After moving ahurwitz.eth into my social Safe to secure my ENS in a smart account, I played with customizing ahurwitz.eth by setting an avatar.

Has anyone set an avatar for their ENS name that is held by their Safe account?

I’m able to successfully approve the offchain Safe approvals to set an ENS avatar. However, I’m not able to get to the onchain confirmation of the ENS action.

I’ve attempted both through the ENS Safe app and in the ENS app connecting to Safe through WalletConnet.


When I update my ENS avatar with an externally owned account (EOA), the “Confirm Details” view shows successfully after approving the offchain action(s), allowing me to finalize the avatar update onchain. This view does not show when attempting to update the avatar with Safe.


ENS Safe app (

  • Approve ENS avatar “Sign and upload” directly in the ENS Safe app
  • Error: After approving the required amount of Safe actions nothing happens in the ENS app

ENS app with WalletConnect (

  • Approve ENS avatar “Sign and upload” by connecting to the ENS app through WalletConnect
  • Error: After approving the required amount of Safe actions the ENS app shows the error “Invalid signature” or “An unknown RPC error occurred. Details: Request expired. Please try again. Version: viem@2.9.15”.


  • With both methods there is a message when approving the transaction, “This message does not conform to the EIP-712 specification”. I’m not sure if this is related.

  • After the required threshold of approvals are completed on Safe, the onchain confirmation view is not showing. Instead of the “Confirm Details” view that shows when using an externally owned account (EOA), it shows the errors shown in the “Observed” section or nothing.


Serenae.eth, who’s part of the ENS DAO, provided me the steps to set my avatar manually.

  1. Open the ENS app through the Safe app ( or directly ( > Go to your ENS profile > “Records” tab
  2. Add a value with a “key” of avatar, the “value” to a public URL of my avatar, and complete the required number of approvals for your Safe.
  3. View the avatar image set on the “Profile” tab.

Attempted solutions

  • Clearing browser cache and cookies
  • Turning ad blockers and the VPN off
  • Changing the order that each approval account signs the Safe approvals
  • Browsers attempted: Firefox 126 and Chrome Version 124.0.6367.93
  • Shared with
    • ENS Discord
    • Safe support chat

Next steps

Much appreciated!