[SEP #X] Improve Communication in SafeDAO

For reference:

That makes sense to me. I’d suggest to rephrase the purpose using the wording from the Guardians Telegram channel description, wdyt?

Also, if we’re just talking about a Discord channel for informal discussions, I don’t think this should require us all to vote on an SEP. Does anyone feel strongly about that?

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If you want to get pedantic, then let’s look at the text of my discord message:

I’ve been asking for literally “informal communication”. Also used the text “ad-hoc” discussion. I’m not discussing the purpose of the channel as I introduce it, I am asking if it’s possible to create.

This back and forth texting and missing nuance is EXACTLY why we need more low-barrier communication channels. It’s now taken us more than two weeks to talk about CREATING A DISCORD CHANNEL. This could have been aligned in a 5 minute voice chat.

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It looks like there’s alignment then! My remarks where really just based on our interaction here on the forum, so apologies if I missed some context you had in conversations with others elsewhere.

There’s a Discord channel for governance now, with the purpose of providing space for such informal, ad-hoc discussions amongst the community that do not relate to decision-making of SEPs directly. The Discord team will help moderating it and we can use the channel to help referencing proposal-related content on the forum.

I hope that everyone will benefit from this channel while nobody perceives it as additional baggage. Since decision-making will continue to take place exclusively on the forum and the Discord channel will exclusively host informal, non-binding discussions, nobody should feel obliged allocate their scarce attention to yet another channel.

@links, what’s your take on this proposal itself then? The community call-part was considered done since there already was one, and creating a Discord channel did not require an SEP. Can we consider this phase 0 proposal resolved, in your opinion? Not to say that there’s nothing else to improve on ‘communication in SafeDAO’ - there’s a lot more of course. Just saying that we could discuss them in separate threads to keep things tidy and easy to follow if you consider this proposal broadly done.


Cross-posting this comment in Discussion about SafeDAO voting power - #31 by theobtl here for visibility, especially this part:

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I’m Adrian. I’ll post something about myself in the intro area after this. Oddly, a friend of mine and I were talking about the safe forum and how high barrier to understanding what’s going on with Safe it is. What is going on? Honey, am I outside? (Drunk Karen from Will and Grace)

I used to write a weekly news letter for the MakerDAO governance community (Called Maker Dai-gest…killer name huh?) Anyhow, I would summarize the big concepts into bitesize
readable understandable nuggets. People could subscribe, but I also posted on Reddit, Medium, Github, Cent I think.

At the risk of making a sweeping generalization…DAO nerds use difficult language (typically engineers…) and love to list every iteration of their thought/idea/proposal. Sometimes less is more people. Pick your favorite suggestion and go with that. I personally get confused by too many choices on the cereal aisle…let alone 8 different ways to implement an SEP.

Safe needs to open up to more community participation like what I did, but I didn’t do it for free. I was compensated under their grants program. I’ve been waiting for a program like that to step forward with a similar service i could provide to the Safe community. I guess let’s talk when the tokens are transferable and a grants program is in place.