[SEP 30] [OBRA] Native Split Delegation on Mobile with Notifications about Delegate Participation - Goverland


Introduce the Split Delegation feature, as outlined in SEP #16, into the Goverland App (iOS) to enhance governance participation:

  • Enable easy delegation of SAFE tokens within the app.
  • Enhance delegate accountability with configurable notifications about delegate voting participation.

Aligned strategy

Increase governance participation

Funding request

16.000 USDC

Relation to budget


Metrics and KPIs

  • Participation Metrics
    1. Percentage of delegated voting power actively participating in governance.
    2. Percentage of active delegates per proposal.
  • Delegate Accountability Metrics
    1. Frequency of delegate participation in voting.

Initiative description

As outlined in the SEP #16 proposal, there are limitations in delegating voting power on Snapshot. The Split Delegation feature offers several advantages, including:

  • Delegating to multiple participants simultaneously.
  • Transitivity of delegated voting power.
  • Delegation term limits.

At Goverland, we aim to enhance this functionality by enabling delegation on mobile and increasing transparency in delegate performance. Goverland app users will be able to configure flexible notifications about their delegates’ voting participation and receive alerts about events such as:

  • How delegates vote on proposals.
  • If delegates ignore certain proposals.
  • If delegates create new proposals.

The outcome of this work will be increased participation of SAFE token holders in governance and improved awareness of SafeDAO updates.

Current status

We have successfully implemented DAO updates and voting functionalities within the Goverland App. Additional work is required to introduce convenient delegation features and enhance transparency and accountability of delegate activities.


With the Split Delegation feature expected to be available on Snapshot soon (the PR is open and should be integrated in the coming weeks), we do not anticipate any significant technical risks in integrating it into the Goverland App.

Timeline and milestones

Week Focus Outcomes USDC
1-4 Phase 1: Design, Implementation, Release Integration of Split Delegation feature into the Goverland App. Outcome: View SafeDAO delegates, delegate/re-delegate using a connected wallet, and view delegate profiles. 8.000
5-8 Phase 2: Design, Implementation, Release Implement customizable notifications about delegate activities, including push notifications. 8.000

Initiative lead



This task will be handled by one designer and two engineers from the Goverland team.

Additional support/resources

The Goverland team is in contact with Gnosis Guild and Snapshot teams to ensure a smooth and high-quality integration of the Split Delegation feature. No additional support is required.


Link to the initial discussion


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

Hi @sche - while I think having additional insights into Governance participation, I don’t think moving that to a separate iOS app. I believe the outcome would be better if a proposal integrates into the existing SAFE mobile app and improves that.

Hey @LuukDAO ,
Thank you for your comment. Just to clarify, the Goverland App already exists. By integrating a split delegation feature specific to SafeDAO, we can make SafeDAO governance more accessible and convenient. It would be nice to have delegation as part of the Safe mobile app, but do you think it makes more sense to limit delegation to Safe App users using mobile only?

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This is a great initiative, as a delegate for Snapshot Labs, I support this proposal.

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My argument is more related to Delegate usage of Goverland App (which I don’t think they use currently) vs the Safe Mobile app (which I assume most have downloaded and use at least monthly). From that perspective I don’t think moving them to an additional app would create the UX benefits we look for.

I truly think that re-scoping this to make improvement to the Safe Mobile app would have higher ROI

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Thank you for your feedback, @LuukDAO.
The target audience for this feature is Safe token holders, not delegates. This integration makes it easier for Safe token holders to (re)delegate their voting power and follow delegates’ participation, which helps keep them more accountable. Delegates can also use Goverand to vote in SafeDAO (which is already available), but this specific feature would bring them value only if they decide to transfer their voting power to another delegate. I understand your point about the Safe App, and I believe the Safe team will eventually implement such integration. For better accessibility, we need integrations in different places that benefit SafeDAO users.

Would you also implement that delegates can redelegate?Some token holders delegate for opsec reasons to a delegation EOA and would then partially delegate from there.

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To assess if there is enough voting power for signaling, could you link to a profile with the voting power?

Yes, the transitivity of the delegated VP is part of the Split Delegation infrastructure. With our implementation, transitivity will be supported.

Here is our profile

As a delegate with sufficient voting power (ekh.eth | SafeDAO Governance Dashboard by curiaLab.) I support this proposal

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As a Safe delegate with sufficient voting power (cf bh2smith.eth | SafeDAO Governance Dashboard) and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

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As a Safe delegate (evgeny.eth | SafeDAO Governance Dashboard by curiaLab.), I am in support of this proposal!

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Proposal is live on Snapshot. Voting starts tomorrow and runs until July 8th.

As of July 8 2024, this proposal has been ratified.

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