[SEP 26] [OBRA] Three-Part Research Series on Ethereum Account Abstraction - Ethereum 2077


  • Clearly explained content on EIPs 3074, 5003, 7377, and RIP 7560 outlining the potential impact on the Safe ecosystem would add value for those who are not able to research each of the above proposals in detail.
  • Would it be possible to contribute to the existing EIPs rather than creating additional content? For many of the EIPs I’ve read I’ve found the abstracts are well written at understanding the potential opportunities. Having the information in one place would also help increase the reach by directing people to 1 source.
  • I’ve come across some of Emmanuel’s research organically while learning about Ethereum self staking the last few weeks. His research is clearly explained and backed by data which was helpful.


  • The Timeline and Milestones are well organized.
  • It’s important to understand how the potential funding would be allocated on a per item/sub-project basis rather than on a time basis to know what is being funded.
    • Moving forward I recommend including the funding for each item/sub-project in the Timeline and Milestones section.
    • Estimate the hours required for each week and/or month in the Timeline and Milestones section to know the general scope of the proposal.
  • I’ve proposed an update to the proposal template to help provide better guidance to proposers moving forward before they reach the voting stage.
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