SafeDAO Community Updates

SafeDAO Biweekly Roundup #1 October 2023:

Welcome to the first SafeDAO Biweekly Roundup of October 2023! Our goal with these summaries is to present a concise snapshot of SafeDAO’s activities every two weeks. If September slipped by you, find all the happenings from SafeDAO in September in the community updates thread.

:heavy_dollar_sign: Safe Grants Program:

  • Announcement of selected grantees coming soon.
  • Delay due to the KYC process.
  • Over 120 high-quality applications received.
  • The next wave (Wave 2) is planned for early 2024.
  • For queries about Safe Grants, the community is directed to use the SafeDAO forum.

:hammer_and_pick: Data and AI Hackathon:

  • Hosted in partnership with Gnosis, The Graph, Covalent, Autolanas etc.
  • Theme revolves around data, AI, and its implications in the crypto space.
  • Hackathon started on Monday and lasted till the following Monday, October 16th.
  • Workshop videos, $20,000 in bounty prizes, and other incentives available.
  • More details can be found on their Twitter.

:handshake: Safe Events:

  • Participation in Eth Lisbon from November 3-5.
  • DevConnect during the week of November 13.
  • ETH India from December 8-10, expecting a turnout similar to or exceeding last year’s 10,000 hackers.
  • Catch up on the recently held SafeDAO X Space where we recapped Q3 at SafeDAO and shared the Q4 outlook

:lock: Safe Wallet Update:

  • Web push notifications are now live.
  • Users will get instant alerts for pending transactions, both inbound and outbound.
  • Feedback is encouraged to improve the wallet experience.

:ballot_box: SafeDAO Governance:

  • The redemption period for SEP #5 is still active till October 27.
  • About 41% of tokens have been redeemed.
  • SEP #7 (Governance Framework voting started on Saturday, October 14.
  • The Resource Allocation framework (OBRA) is still in Stage 0 and community feedback is being incorporated. Keep an eye out for the next governance call where we’ll discuss strategies to fund.

:bulb: Ecosystem Project Highlight: Hopr

  • Hopr aims to provide a data exchange layer for safer interfacing with decentralized infrastructure. It combines economic incentives with the relay of data packets.
  • Sebastian from Hopr introduced “Safe Staking” which separates node infrastructure from the safe that keeps funds.
  • Demo provided on how Hopr integrates with Safe, including the deployment of node management modules.
  • Emphasized the importance of making token staking safer for users.

:warning: Reminder: Be sure to vote on SEP #7, now live on Snapshot after multiple rounds of feedback and edits. The ratification of the SafeDAO Governance Framework is one of the key milestones before voting on the transferability of the Safe token as outlined in SEP #3. Make sure your voice is heard!

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