SafeDAO Community Updates

Greetings, SafeDAO Community! Our latest governance activities are leading the Safe ecosystem further towards an exciting future of community-governed growth and development. Here are the latest updates:

:ballot_box: SafeDAO Governance:

  • SEP 21 is now live! The proposal for enhancing the SAFE token’s utility is now up for a vote. This marks a pivotal step towards expanding the SAFE token’s functionality. Cast your vote now to shape the future of SAFE. Read the full discussion and proposal draft feedback.
  • What’s next? In the sprint following the ratification of the token utility framework a proposal could be put forward to vote on the token transferability as this ratification is a dependency for it according to SEP #3. The latest update on the milestones can be tracked on this page.

Voting Timeline
Voting Start: 6 March
Voting End: 18 March
Cast your vote today!

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:handshake: Safe Events:

SafeCon returns this Spring! Sign up now and dive into what to expect at the event.

:lock: Safe Ecosystem Updates:

We’ve crossed a major threshold with over $100 billion assets now securely managed through Safe smart accounts :tada:

:hammer_and_pick:Community Support Channels

:speech_balloon: Stay Connected:

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We value your feedback and input - let us know if you find these updates useful and how we can fine-tune them further. Reach out via Telegram (@nneomack) or directly on this forum with your feedback!