Safe Grants Elections + Homepage Launch

Safe Grants Council Elections are Live! :partying_face:

Greetings Safe Peeps,

Safe Grants Council nominations [SEP #6] have been processed and all valid applications (forum proposal + application form) have been uploaded for elections to begin on Snapshot. :ballot_box_with_check:

Voting for the Safe Grants Council Elections is now live! There are 3 seats up for grabs:

  • Technical
  • Business/Product
  • Wildcard

Please also take into consideration the desirable qualifications we identified for the 3 seats, to give you an idea of what we’re looking for and the commitment and support required by the council members.

:green_heart: Cast your vote for your favourite candidates here:

:alarm_clock: Interested to apply for the Safe Grants Program? You can also now check out our newly launched Safe Grants homepage as a go-to resource. Visit to get an overview of the grants process, including key dates, funding types, and FAQs.


Hi @1sla.eth,
there are few bugs with the “Expression of Interest” form at “”.

We applied, but we have encoutered few problems compiling the form:

  • seems that the 100 max chars of the “PROJECT DESCRIPTION” field are not checked
  • if you choose “No” as reply to “HAVE YOU RECEIVED ANY GRANTS FUNDING FROM OTHER GRANTS PROGRAMS IN THE PAST?” and you confirm, you get the following error:


So we had to choose “Yes”, writing an URI an then choose “No” before confirmation.

Thanks for your work,
Best regards

Hi @LordMarkDev

Seems it is behaving in an odd way, certain fields should disappear if a 'no
’ is given. Will check this out and come back to you :slight_smile:

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gm gm - should be working now - let me now if you have any further issues.


We’re excited to see this moving forward. A lot of care is being put into the design of this Grants Program, and there are many comprehensive nomination posts and well-qualified nominees. For this wave, we have selected the following reviewers:

@sohkai - Technical Reviewer Seat
@adamhurwitz.eth - Business/Product Reviewer Seat
@marcus - Wildcard Reviewer Seat

In addition to being highly qualified for their respective roles, these reviewers would be thoughtful and active contributors that will help this program get off to a great start.


Thank you for the support frens! Excited by the potential of contributing to this super important initiative within the SafeDAO and best of luck to all candidates.


Hey Forum Friends,

Just a reminder! It’s the final countdown for the Safe Grants Council Election, with less than 24 hours to go to make your vote count.

Who’s leading in these seats?
:woman_mage:Technical Seat
:bar_chart: Business/Product Seat
:black_joker: Wild Card Seat

Cast your vote:

Stay tuned for next steps!