Request to Support ETHW for limited time

I’d very much like to dump ETHW, however my ETHW holding are in a SAFE on ETHW.

I propose making ETHW supported through the end of the year. To turn on ETHW, users should have to click through some warnings, or go to a specific URL.

I know it should be possible to use the CLI with on-chain confirmations, however I have no experience with that, and there is no support for hardware wallets.

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BTW, I’d rather my ETHW be stranded than give legitimacy to that chain.

PoW boils the oceans. I’m extremely happy to no longer have to deal with that.

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It’s likely not worth the time investment from the team to build this backend + UI feature that will only be supported for a limited time window compared to spending time and energy on longer term development of features that have been prioritized.

I too would like to sell off the $ETHW associated to ETH held on Safes. It would be fun to play around with the CLI to figure this out and publish a tutorial given the time.


I agree with you, it is reasonable to allow users to sell their ETHW in the short term, there is no need to operate safe interface on the ETHW chain for a long time.
But I don’t think it’s necessary for community voting/discussion (after safedao launch), which will lead to a lot of unnecessary processes.

I was able to easily use the CLI after changing my keys so I felt safe typing in the old mnemonic in the CLI. The hardest part was changing my mainnet keys.

On the latest Ubuntu LTS (22.04) I needed to do

sudo pip3 install -U safe-cli

instead of

pip3 install -U safe-cli

The CLI also said it was a different chain because chainID=10001 belong to some other chain. Someone (perhaps me) should just make a mirror post for noobs.

I stopped boiling the oceans!