Proposal: SAFE distribution for users

Im sure this scenario has rarely ever happened, I just believe the signers should be eligible themselves, in case the Multi-Sig Wallet adress owner decides to keep all the tokens for himself/herself.

I think we should modify the incentive airdrop, as the current allocation will lose a lot of users

Is there an estimated distribution date or vesting?

This has not been communicated yet.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback and input! We’ve tried to incorporate as much as possible and I think improved quite a bit on the allocations. Details on the reworked allocations here: New Proposal: Reworked SAFE distribution for users


Date is not yet set.

  • 50% will be available immediately.
  • 50% is vesting linearly over 4y.

The token can be made transferable if/once the DAO decides to do so. Hence the vesting.