Polywrap's Account Abstraction Wrap

Hello Safe Community! :wave:

We are excited to introduce the Account Abstraction (AA) Wrap, a Polywrap-powered version of the Safe Account Abstraction SDK. The AA Wrap recently won the grand prize in Safe’s AAnything Goes Hackathon. In this post, we’ll share more about the AA Wrap and its main value props: multiplatform and composable capabilities.

We believe the AA Wrap has the potential to bring about significant user experience improvements in the world of web3.

Multiplatform and Composable

One of the AA Wrap’s significant advantages is its multiplatform capability. The same AA Wrap can be fetched from IPFS and then integrated into different programming environments, like JavaScript and Rust. In other words, AA Wrap helps bring account abstraction functionality to many different platforms, like mobile, web browsers, servers, gaming and more.

Another key benefit is its composability - the AA Wrap’s functionality can be easily extended by composing it with other Wraps. The current AA Wrap comprises 3 separate Wraps: Ethers, Gelato Relay and Safe{Core}.

A better way to build smart accounts

The AA Wrap provides a simplified way to create smart accounts, accounts that are secure, modular, and fully customizable . It also facilitates a gas-less user experience through Gelato, offers sponsored transactions, and allows for fee payments in ERC-20 tokens.

Through the AA Wrap, complex transactions can be executed, such as updating a stored value on a smart contract, executing a sponsored transaction, or sending transactions to multiple recipients. All of these are demonstrated in the demo repo linked above.

Try out the AA Wrap demo!

We’ve prepared a demo of the AA Wrap in the AA Wrap Demo repo.

The demo showcases scripts in both JavaScript and Rust environments that:

  • create a smart account
  • performs a sponsored transaction via Gelato relay
  • creates a multi-send transaction

We believe that the AA Wrap brings a new level of code re-usability and modularity to the powerful account abstraction suite built by the Safe team.

We look forward to seeing how this tool can contribute to the growth and development of the Safe developer community.

For any questions or if you’d like to use the AA wrap to build an app of your own, join the Polywrap Discord community.

We want to hear your thoughts on the AA Wrap – share your feedback or any comments by responding to this post!

Happy developing!

The AA Wrap was developed and maintained by the Polywrap DAO.