Launch on the RSK EVM

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I wanted to reach out to the Gnosis community to propose a partnership with the RSK EVM chain.

RSK is an EVM sidechain of Bitcoin and is powered by over 50% of the hashing power of Bitcoin, thus making it the most decentralized EVM chain out there (IMHO).
I am a builder and working on bringing Defi to Bitcoin, and like many others, I have chosen the RSK chain for that.

I like a quote I saw here on the forum about Gnosis:

As the space grows, we see the need for the Gnosis Safe solution to be available on all relevant, production-ready, and EVM-compatible networks.
On every network where a lot of value is being secured, there is a need for an account that facilitates advanced access/control to ensure there is no single point of failure when managing significant amounts of digital assets.

In addition to that, Gnosis has AWESOME integrations and apps; among them are the SnapSafe and Zodiac, which make governance as friendly as possible and ensure genuine decentralization proposals.

RSK has a fork of Gnosis that is more than two years old and was brought to RSK by the good people from the community to help get your incredible solution to the chain.

Sadly, such a solution is not scalable. This fork does not support new developments happening on Gnosis and these awesome apps I described. Even necessary integrations like OpenZeppelin’s Defender will not work with this Gnosis fork.

The Gnosis community helps bring so many good and simple solutions to the community, and I believe a true native solution of Gnosis with RSK is needed.

RSK is ready.
As the leading (and almost exclusive) Defi on Bitcoin platform, RSK builders deserve having the best in class solution for this critical infrastructure solution.
We see new protocols being added on RSK (among them the protocol we’ve built - Blindex), we would appreciate an awesome partnership with Gnosis to move even faster in a more secure and decentralized way.
2+ years ago, it was fine having the safe fork, but it’s time to grow :slight_smile:

Many more from the community would love having this AWESOME solution on RSK at its latest and native form and leveraging all the great apps that come with it (love the Snapshot/Gnosis integrations!).

Would Gnosis take the jump? :sunglasses:

I would be more than happy to help and you can find me on Telegram → @Crypto_Margol


This native integration would be awesome and a big step forward!


This would be awesome , I hope it happens!


Yes please, I wanna see Gnosis Safe on RSK too!


Gnosis is a fantastic service and having a direct integration on RSK will benefit all the builders. Would love to help make this happen!


It’d be really good to see a native integration of Gnosis/RSK. The RSK community has strong momentum and is doing some cool stuff.


This integration will be extremely helpful. I hope it becomes a reality.


Gnosis/RSK integration would be a great step forward!!


WOW awesome! I hope it happens soon!

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This is a great. I support this movement forward.


Looking forward to this happening!

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hey @Crypto_Margol, first and foremost, thank you for being strong advocates of the Gnosis Safe and documenting this proposal.

Unfortunately, the team is stretched thin at the moment, and we don’t have the bandwidth to roll out ourselves to new networks such as RSK. We have communicated the same message to other active Safe forks such as Fantom, Celo, Moonbeam, Harmony etc.

Rest assured that we want to make our services more scalable for multi-chain EVM deployments, where its less of a technical and resource burden for us to add support. Our product, backend and services team is actively working on enabling this.

We still see the need for Gnosis Safe on all EVM chains, and want to rollout to RSK. We just need more time to make this technically and operationally scalable, without compromising on the security of the existing solution.


Hi @John , thank you for your quick answer!
Of course, I’m a bit sad about the result, but still appreciate it!

I would love to hear a bit about the factors of Gnosis for supporting specific chains.
Looking at Aurora, for example, in less than 2 months the support for that chain was added (at least from what I saw online), where it has much less TVL than Fantom for example - so I guess TVL is not a critical factor here.

Can you share a bit more on that front?

I wouldn’t want chains that took the proactive approach of creating a fork until Gnosis will add them as native support, to actually be the reason for them not to get it (and basically be “punished” for being proactive).
These forks do not provide us with the great apps that made Snapshot+Gnosis the ultimate governance tools.
I’m sure that is not the real reason behind it, so I would really appreciate learning a bit more about the different factors in which you decide which chains to prioritize.

I’m mainly asking that to see if there is something we can do to help with supporting RSK.
For example, I’m sure the RSK team would help a lot here wherever they can (like supplying a dedicated node for Gnosis or even beyond that with development resources).
I can’t speak for them but definitely can help with it and speak with them.
Knowing the factors that make RSK more difficult to add (compared to Aurora for example) would help me assist Gnosis on that front :slight_smile:
As you can see, we have here a community that would really love having that native integration.

Would you be able to share those?
And where can we assist in making this dream a reality? Maybe even code/resources contributions could help here?


@Crypto_Margol you are a great advocate with interesting advisory skills. The partnership between RSK and Gnosis would be a welcome idea, and I believe RSK will be willing to support the Gnosis team in making this partnership less resource intensive on the Gnosis team.

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Sounds great, looking forward!

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Hi @John , how are you?
ANy chance you saw my comment? Would love getting more details so we could help :slight_smile:

Very cool! Make it so!