Launch on the Aurora EVM

gm gm,

I’m reaching out to propose a partnership with the Aurora EVM on NEAR Protocol.

It’s known that Gnosis Safe will play a crucial role in enabling a multi-chain future for Ethereum. It’s now an essential component required to secure dApps as decentralized networks look to scale. With that being said, I think NEAR Protocol is at that point and could greatly benefit from a solution like Gnosis being brought through the Aurora EVM.

On every network where a lot of value is being secured, there is a need for an account that facilitates advanced access/control to make sure there is no single point of failure when managing significant amounts of digital assets. Aurora TVL is over $200M now according to DefiLlama. They’ve just confirmed big partnerships with Flux and the Graph.

As the space grows, we see the need for the Gnosis Safe solution to be available on all relevant, production-ready, and EVM-compatible networks. I think Aurora / NEAR are ready for this and as a builder myself, I’d love to see Gnosis make the jump.

If the Gnosis team is interested, please reach out to me on telegram → @amartin55
I’d love to help.


hey Alex, we’ve now recorded Aurora and your shared stats into our prioritisation backlog for future network rollouts. We’ll get back to you via telegram after we discuss the next chain rollouts for 2022 this week! fyi - we haven’t gotten around to it yet due to holiday vacations!

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