Is there an example of a wallet using daily limits yet?

I’m looking to increase the safety of my Safe. Something I’d like is a Safe using guards/modules that:

  • Only allows transferring ETH, stablecoins and maybe some other ERC20s - No DeFi stuff or NFTs needed.
  • Has limits on how much I can transfer per day/month.
  • Allows sending bigger amounts if many of the signers approve. ie with 1 signature I can send $100/day, with 3 sigs I can send $10,000/day, etc. ideally customizable.
  • Some of the owners have more permissions than others. ie the “main” owner can send a small amount of money by themselves, but the others cannot.

(1) and (2) are the important ones for me, (3) and (4) are nice to haves. This should all be doable using modules and guards, has someone built this already? If so can you share a link to test it out?