[Introduction] Grindery DAO – Zapier for Web3


As much as Zapier for web3 is a good title for this post, the more accurate way to describe Grindery is that we are building embedded native integrations that allows users to work many different web2 and web3 tools across different chains, protocols, and DAOs.

Grindery is the “middleware for web3”. It’s a decentralized system that can interact with smart contracts as well as web2 APIs. In short, unified, seamless on-, off- and cross-chain integrations.


We are interested in getting more grants specifically from chains and this is one reason why we are here – but this is not an official proposal. We are simply here to say hello and introduce ourselves! We thought an introduction post would be a great way to extend the reach we have with different chains including, Safe.

The project has been around since 2018 with a current team of 12. We have received grants from BinanceLabs Season 4, and additional funding from Near, Algorand, Flow, and Harmony.

In the coming days we will post a few more details on our progress in the space and how our tools are helping users!

Core Team

Tim Delhaes: CEO/Product
Tim is a serial entrepreneur who has built, sold, and crashed multiple start-ups in South America and Silicon Valley. Over the last eight years, Tim has also led the journey of the agency group called Inboundlabs from a three-person team to a leading HubSpot partner with over 500 customers.

David Semakula: Lead Developer
David Semakula is an experienced full-stack developer working with Grindery on all things web3 and integrations.

Christian Geissendoerfer: BizDev/Partners

Christian is experienced in business development and venture building across Europe and Asia. He is the founder and CEO of YOOSE, the leading expert in location-based marketing solutions in Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Joe Hu: Full Stack Dev

Joe has been a professional full-stack developer for more than 10 years. He started working with Tim and Christian at InboundLabs from the beginning of its operations. Joe has massive experience on building sites and custom integrations on HubSpot. He loves solving problems and working on code.


Please check out our website: grindery.io and connect with me on Telegram: Telegram: Contact @avi_kabani - We would love to set up an intro call - appreciate you all taking the time to read our intro and look forward to connecting!

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Hello again Safe! Connecting again to see how we can work together. A few integration use cases we have as the Zapier for web3 app thus far:

  1. Payout system - on a triggering event, execute payout to appropriate wallets.
  2. Ping - When your wallet receives a payment, you get a notification.
  3. Take transactions that happen on the blockchain and post relevant data into a spreadsheet.
  4. When a proposal is submitted, send out a tweet (or other message platform).
  5. Your own idea for connecting Web3 events with Web2 APIs that would work for your chain!

We would love to get some face time and jump on a call or a telegram group!

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Following up to see if we can jump on a call or Telegram group with my team! Any response would be appreciated!

I think it would be more useful for both sides if we talk about this once SafeDAO has got to a stage where it would potentially become relevant working with Grindery. In my opinion, we aren’t yet at this stage.

At the moment the priority is passing SEP #1, which is the participation agreement, and then after that the community will probably look into the OBRA proposal (Resource Allocation Model) and the Safe Grants Program – as well as the potential unpausing of the token contract.

In the context of the Resource Allocation Model and the Safe Grants Program, Grindery’s services could potentially be helpful. However, since nothing is decided regarding those two proposals, we might as well not initiate any conversations at this point in time.

Also without having access to Grindery, which is currently in private beta, I can’t really confirm whether or not you actually have a functioning product on the market right now. However, I very much like the idea behind Grindery and I’d say if you can actually deliver on your promises, it might not be a bad idea to use your product – once SafeDAO is at a stage where this makes sense.

It would probably be more useful if you could record a demo or something and share a link to it here. There aren’t really any representatives of SafeDAO with whom you could jump on a call. If you’re interested to talk with the Safe core team, that’s a different story and you should probably reach out to @lukas or others directly.

By the way, Safe is not a [block]chain. I would have appreciated it if this introductory post would not have been a generic copy-and-paste, but at least somewhat personalized. You literally posted this word by word in a number of other forums:

That’s unfortunately the first red flag, with the second red flag being that you call your project Grindery DAO.

DAO in the name only, because I couldn’t find anything that would indicate that there exists any kind of decentralized decision making through on-chain or off-chain governance nor is there a fungible or non-fungible token with which this could be facilitated.

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This is perfect! Thank you for the information - @lukas we would love to set up a talk with our team as we are reaching out to many different chains, DAOs, web3 tools etc. to build as many integrations as possible. Once again my Telegram is here if you’d like to reach out!

If SafeDAO does not feel ready, that’s totally cool - we will continue to update SafeDAO on what we are building and provide relevant information as the ecosystem grows.

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