Hackathon Sponsorship

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  • Title: Music Makes me move + Hackathon
  • Authors: iceaddis.eth and hilina.eth
  • Created: Date when this SEP was initially created. Format: 2024/10/11


From November 25th to 30th, Zanzibar will be transformed into a hub of technological innovation and musical celebration. We invite you to be a part of this unique event, where the worlds of coding and electronic music converge in the most scenic of settings This six-day extravaganza promises a meeting ground for tech enthusiasts and music lovers and an immersive experience that showcases the vibrant culture and beauty of Zanzibar. With a blend of intense hackathons, electrifying parties, and the serene backdrop of the island, attendees are guaranteed memories that will last a lifetime.

Proposal details

November 25th: Opening Party at B4 Beach Club. Kick off the festivities with a night of music, dance, and networking.

November 26th-27th: Hybrid Hackathon at Masai Mara. Dive into two days of intense coding and collaboration, all set against the backdrop of the iconic Masai Mara. Top DJs will provide the soundtrack, with Ibiza Sonica ensuring a live stream of both the hackathon and the music.

November 28th: Party at B4 Beach Club. After two days of coding, let loose with a night of electrifying beats and dance.

November 30th: Closing Party at Sandbank. Wrap up the event with a grand finale, celebrating the successes of the hackathon and the connections made over the week.

Strategy Highlights:

Safe.global Integration in Hackathon Challenges:

  • Design hackathon challenges that specifically require the use of Safe.global’s blockchain, highlighting its unique features and advantages.
  • Offer Safe.global-based rewards and incentives to encourage participants to delve deeper into the Safe.global ecosystem.

Safe.global Workshops and Panels:

  • Organize Safe.global-focused workshops, leveraging Iceaddis’s expertise in tech education and community building, to educate participants about its blockchain, smart contracts, and dApps.
  • Feature Safe.global experts in panels to discuss the future of blockchain, decentralized finance, and the role Safe.global plays in this landscape.

Safe.global Branding and Visibility:

  • Ensure prominent Safe.global branding throughout the event, from hackathon booths to musical stages.
  • Utilize live streaming capabilities of Ibiza Sonica to showcase Safe.global-related activities and discussions to a global audience, leveraging their vast experience and reach in the broadcasting domain.

Community Engagement:

  • Facilitate networking sessions between Safe.global representatives and event attendees, fostering potential collaborations and partnerships.
  • Engage with the community through Safe.global-themed musical nights, blending the world of blockchain with the rhythm of music.

Post-Event Follow-Up:

  • Organize post-event webinars and sessions to continue the engagement with participants, offering further Safe.global training and resources.
  • Track and support the development of Safe.global-based projects initiated during the hackathon, ensuring their growth and success in the real world.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Enhanced visibility and understanding of Safe.global among a diverse audience.
  • Development of innovative Safe.global-based solutions and projects during the hackathon.
  • Strengthened relationships between Safe.global, Iceaddis, and the tech and music communities in Zanzibar and beyond.
  • Positioning Safe.global as a leading and forward-thinking blockchain platform in the global arena.

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Hackathon sponsorship could be a potential good submission for the SafeDAO Treasury funding through the Outcomes-based resource allocation framework (OBRA) once it launches.