Exploring The SAFE Token: Call For Input - INSTRUCTIONS

Thanks all for joining the call on Wednesday! For the ones that could not make it, below is a brief summary.

To the ones that already submitted ideas, a big thank you! To everyone, we look forward to see other ideas over the next few days (we’re aiming at Sep 13th). And please do not reach out in case there is anything not clear or have some other suggestions.

Summary of the call:

  • General intro, including some background on this request. There were some interesting questions asked and points discussed, including:
  • Does SAFE need to have a utility besides governance? A very important question and something to remind ourselves of. We don’t aim to have a token just for the sake of it. We want to focus on token utility that makes sense and utility that would strengthen the Protocol. Some of the questions to ask here are: how can the token help support some of the Protocol’s goals (e.g. security and discoverability)? How can it potentially help align the different stakeholders through (dis)incentives?
  • Should the SAFE token remain locked forever? Definitely a good question to ask! As alluded to, we plan for more utility and allow for tokens to be transferable. But this will ultimately also be voted on by the community through a governance process
  • A question about the constitution. Indeed a good reminder that the token utility should not go against the principles laid out in the SafeDAO Constitution
  • Question on the initial supply and distribution of SAFE token. This page might be helpful: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  • Some token utility ideas were mentioned or asked about during the call. Feel free to submit them as a proposal in the forum! This included:
    • Use SAFE tokens to pay for gas fees when setting up a Safe
    • Stake-based governance weighting
  • Some reminders:
    • There isn’t a right or wrong
    • We want to hear about as many ideas as possible, so be as creative as you can:)

To the ones that joined the call, feel free to add more color!:slight_smile: