[Draft] [OBRA] Nounish Safes - rocketman

A protocol to turn any Safe into a Nounish DAO.

edit - after feedback from Auryn - revised to Strategy 2 and development of a full module.


Working with Auryn from Gnosis Guild, we have built an extension on the Revolution Protocol that enables any Safe to become a Nounish DAO. The first DAO launched through this system is Grounds DAO.

Any new or existing safe that wants to become or facilitate the creation of a Nounish DAO where the DAO treasury is a Safe now has an avenue to do so. We’d like to continue building this extension out through a website that lets any Safe convert to a DAO using the protocol.

We also plan to develop a Safe Module extension.

Aligned strategy

Strategy 2

Funding request

$30k USDC

If applicable, upfront funding

Upfront funding is preferred, our team is short on funds and have already put significant time and effort into the protocol to make this possible. Recent PR can be seen here.

Relation to budget

State the requested funding as a percentage of the total initiative budget:

10% of Strategy 2

Metrics and KPIs

  1. Number of existing Safe’s launched as Nounish DAOs.

  2. Total treasury size of the Safes.

  3. Number of new Safes launched as Nounish DAOs.

Initiative description

Building on SafeDAO’s mission, we’re working to combine the secure and flexible capabilities of Safe with the collaborative governance model of DAOs, particularly inspired by the Nouns DAO concept.

We are opening up a realm of possibilities for community-driven governance and collaborative decision-making. The Revolution Protocol extension we’re working on is designed to enable any Safe, old or new, to transform into a Nounish DAO. Grounds DAO is our first step, serving as a proof of concept.

By enabling Safes to create their own DAOs, we’re not just enhancing functionality; we’re empowering communities to fairly govern. This initiative will make it straightforward for any group with a shared purpose to manage their assets collectively, make decisions, and take action together, all on top of the trusted framework of Safe.

We’re also focusing on building a user-friendly website. This platform will be the bridge for Safe users to easily transition their Safes into DAOs, lowering the barrier to entry for participation in web3 governance and collaborative efforts.

By integrating DAO functionalities into Safe, we’re expanding the utility and applicability of Safe and reinforcing the ecosystem’s capacity for innovation and community-driven development.

This initiative is a step forward in realizing SafeDAO’s vision of web3 and building on the solid foundation of Safe to offer more ways for users to collaborate, innovate, and govern themselves. We’re not just creating a tool; we’re opening up new pathways for community engagement and empowerment.

You can read more about the Revolution protocol on GitHub and Mirror.

Current status

An MVP of a protocol upgrade was completed last week that enabled the creation of Grounds DAO on top of Safe. We want to continue work on building out the protocol extension to better support Safe, and build a website and UI to easily enable any Safe to convert to a Nounish DAO.


The protocol was audited in February, but new changes with the Safe extension introduce security risks until we get another audit. We are taking a slow and measured approach to changes made to contracts.

Timeline and milestones

Q2 2024: Protocol Extension Launch [In Progress]

April: Complete development and deployment of the protocol extension that allows any Safe to become a Nounish DAO, leveraging insights from the initial MVP and Vrbs.

Milestone: First Safe launch as a Nounish DAO using the extension - Grounds DAO.

Q3 2024: Website and UI Development

May - June: Design and develop a user-friendly website and UI to simplify the process for Safes to convert into DAOs.

Milestone: Launch of the website and UI.

Q3 2024: Module Development

June - July: Build and launch a Safe module

Q3 2024: Community Building and Outreach

July: Initiate a series of community outreach initiatives to educate Safe owners on the benefits of transitioning to a DAO structure, highlighting the success of Grounds and its community-building success.

Milestone: Write a series of mirror articles and videos to educate folks. Utilize existing networks to convert more Safes.

Q3 2024: Expansion and Scaling

August: Focus on scaling the initiative, supporting a growing number of Safes in their transition to DAOs, and exploring further integrations with other protocols and services within the ecosystem.

Milestone: Achieve a target of 10 Safes converted into Nounish DAOs with a combined treasury size surpassing $1M.

Initiative lead

Rocketman - https://twitter.com/rocketman_w


2 people, rocketman and Wojciech.

Rocketman founded https://collective.xyz in 2021 and led product development. A developer in crypto since 2013, he has worked on numerous projects. Most recently leading the development of https://ThatsGnar.ly (a media platform for Gnars DAO) and https://vrbs.build - the first DAO built on Revolution. rocketman-21 (rocketman) · GitHub

Wojciech is a staff level product engineer, with more than 20 years of experience building on the web. He joined Collective in 2021 and led the development of many features end to end. Before Collective, Wojciech worked for his own studio and as a freelancer, working on various projects for many clients across Europe. https://kocjan.net/

Additional support/resources

Potentially help from Gnosis Guild on further protocol upgrades.

Implementation dependencies


Unfortunately this proposal did not make the deadline, and will need to be submitted for the next Season / Season 3, Sprint 1 on June 10. Closing this thread for now.